If You Really Love Someone, These Are 10 Things You Should Be Doing Wholeheartedly

Feelings can be a messy arena. Sometimes, you can develop feelings for someone and not know how you truly feel about them. And whenever that’s the case, disaster can strike. Your words and actions might not be in line with how you’re feeling. There’s a severe disconnect between the emotions that you have and the way that you act. This erratic and insincere behavior can hurt yourself and the people around you. That’s why it’s essential for you always to make sense of your feelings.

And sometimes, making sense of your feelings means doing what feels natural. If you find that you can do a lot of the items that are listed on this list in a logical manner, then it’s likely that your feelings of love and affection are real. However, when we say that it feels natural, that means that it should be coming straight from the heart. Here are the signs that you should be looking out for:

1. You listen to them attentively.

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You make it a point to listen to them attentively. After all, you want to make sure that they know that they can always count on you to lend an ear. At the same time, you genuinely want to know more about them and what they think. You would never tire of trying to get to know them better no matter how long the two of you might be together.

2. You respect them no matter what.

When it comes to your relationship, there is never any shortage of respect. You always make sure to let them know that you respect them no matter what. You still uphold their dignity, and you always respect their boundaries.

3. You show your appreciation for them forever.

Whenever they do anything nice to you, you always let them know that they are appreciated. You would never want them to feel like you take them for granted. After all, it would hurt you to know if your efforts aren’t being validated. Hence, you try to make sure that they never have to feel that kind of pain from you.

4. You speak the truth to them consistently.

You always stay honest with them. After all, you respect them enough never to keep them in the dark about anything.

5. You remain mindful of the moments that you share.

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Whenever the two of you share sweet and precious moments, you always try to stay present. You remain mindful of these moments. Your mind doesn’t wander towards anything else because you want to treasure this time that you share. You would never want to take your shared moments for granted.

6. You always make them feel accepted.

You always do your part in making sure that they feel loved and accepted for who they are. Additionally, you don’t force them to be or act a certain way. Naturally, you encourage them to be their person and be comfortable in their skin.

7. You want to give them everything.

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You feel like you wish you could give them the world. Also, you want to do whatever it takes to make their lives as easy as possible. Naturally, you know that this is impossible. However, that doesn’t stop you from wanting to give it a try anyway. You do value their lives, and you would do anything to make them happy.

8. You forgive and stay patient with them.

You know that you like them, but you also know that they are imperfect. No matter how great they are in your eyes, they are still incredibly flawed. And in their most flawed moments, you stay patient with them. Otherwise, you know that they would feel bad and guilty. You always make sure that they understand how understanding you are of their shortcomings.

9. You give them all of your support.

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There is never any shortage of support on your end. Of course, as human beings, they have their hopes and dreams. Hence, you always make it a point to support them and make them feel like you have their back at all times. You always try to push them towards everything that they wish to accomplish and get out of life.

10. You love them without restraint.

And of course, you would love this person with all of your heart. You wouldn’t hold back whatever feelings you have for them. Additionally, you would always make an effort to let them know that you love them no matter what. You would never give them a reason to doubt the feelings that you have for them. You would always be quick to make them feel your love.

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