If You Really Loved, Then It Could Never Be A Loss

Love doesn’t come in a minute. Sometimes, it doesn’t come at all, so they say.

Love should never be seen as a competition that you could win or lose. Love isn’t a game. That’s why even if you’ve been made to endure heartbreak and emotional pain in the past, you should never see it as a loss. Love is a gift; a gift that not many people get to experience in their lifetimes. If you were so lucky as to meet a person who gave you butterflies in your stomach; a person who made your heart skip a beat with a simple hello; a person who made you stutter even when you don’t usually do; if you happened to meet a person who made you really feel what it was like to be in love, then it definitely wasn’t a loss. It’s not a loss. Nor will it ever be a loss. Remember that just because you’ve lost someone from your life doesn’t mean that you’ve lost. There is a difference there.

Imagine, you happened to give the entirety of yourself to this person; to this relationship. You established a deep and profound connection with this person; a connection that no one can ever take away from you. You went after your goals and your dreams with this person standing right by your side. Imagine, there was a significant stretch of your life wherein you held the heart of another person within the palm of your hand. Yes, in the long run, you both had your hearts broken. But that doesn’t invalidate all of the good times; all of the precious moments; all of the love that you once held for each other.

You were in a significant stage of self-discovery as you were in a relationship with this other person. You saw yourself grow and develop into a more secure and mature individual. You saw yourself overcome great odds in the relationship. You were able to go through multiple obstacles that left you feeling scared, but also determined. You were able to maneuver yourself through the complicated winding road of life with another person at your side. At times you had to bear the weight of the world on behalf of the both of you; during other times, you had to be carried through treacherous waters. You went through so many difficult hardships, but at the end of it all, you went to sleep at night knowing that you had someone who had your back. You saw that despite the rough and rugged demeanor of the world, you still had the beauty and purity of real love inside of you; a love that you shared with each other. That’s why you shouldn’t be so frustrated that you’ve let it go, just be thankful that you had the chance of experiencing it in the first place.

Know that when you choose to fall in love with a person, it’s a great leap of faith. It’s always going to be a risk. Nothing is ever sure or set in stone when it comes to love. You are choosing to display your vulnerabilities out into the open. You are choosing to expose your weaknesses to another person. You are giving your heart to another person in the hopes that you don’t end up getting hurt. This might make you feel weak, but you should know that this is one of the strongest things that anyone could ever do. You were willing to put yourself out there and take a dive for love; and that’s something you should never regret. That’s something that you should never consider to be a loss.

So it really doesn’t matter how things ended if you look at the grand scheme of things. Yes, the heartbreak can hurt. Yes it brought much pain. Yes, there is a lot of emotional trauma going on there. But if you learn to look at the bigger picture; if you start seeing things from the perspective of someone who is deprived of love, then you would still be thankful. You should know that every experience that you went through, whether good, bad; beautiful or ugly; amazing or devastating, is an experience that is worth keeping. It’s an experience that is worth cherishing.

Love doesn’t come in a minute. Sometimes, it doesn’t come at all, so they say. So that’s why whatever chance you get to experience love is something you should never take for granted. The opportunity to fall in love with someone is a great privilege of human existence. The desire to love is the one thing we all share as human beings despite our individual personalities. Love is what binds us together. Love is what makes life worth living. So if you happen to be one of the people who are blessed enough to have experienced love at least once, then you should consider yourself lucky. Take your life and see it as a victory. You gave yourself to love, and you got the most out of it. That is always going to be a win. 

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