If You Think These 9 Things Early In Your Relationship, Then It’s Never Going To Work

Early signs that it won’t happen.

The early stages of the relationship are always very important. While you’re not necessarily investing so much of yourself into the relationship yet, this is still an important phase because it’s somewhat of a feeling out period. There are some special rare cases where two people just immediately fall deeply in love with one another. And it’s almost instantaneous the way that they decide to just spend the rest of their waking lives together. But for a vast majority of us, things aren’t always going to be so simple. Feelings have to be developed over time before anyone can ever be certain about wanting to seriously commit for the long-term.

And that’s fine. That’s okay. It’s normal for you to wan to take your time in a relationship. It’s fine if you don’t necessarily want to dive into the thick of things all too quickly. You want to guard your heart and you want to make sure that you’re not recklessly engaging in something that isn’t solid or real just yet. No one can blame you for wanting to wait. And if you are actually perceptive enough, within the first year of a relationship, you will be able to figure out if the two of you have the serious potential to make things work or not. And that’s the ultimate goal of dating and getting to know people after all. You want to see if you actually have the emotional and mental tools that the both of you need to make your relationship work.

And it’s important that you stay honest with yourself and your partner. Sometimes, out of desperation, people will want to stay in bad relationships even though they’re terrible just because they’re afraid of being single again. Fear should never be a reason for you to want to stay in a relationship with someone. In fact, the longer that you stay with one another, the bigger the disservice that you are doing to yourselves. You are only depriving one another of the time and the opportunity to find the people you’re actually meant to be with by just choosing to tolerate one another. So if you know that your relationship just isn’t built to last, don’t be afraid to end things. And it’s better to end things early and that’s why you must stay as observant as possible during the initial parts of a relationship. If you keep yourself guarded early on, you end up minimizing the risk of you getting severely attached to a failing relationship.

So what are the signs? What are the things that you have to be looking for in a relationship to know that you don’t have a shot at making things work after all? Well, you just have to turn to your mind. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. And if you find that your mind starts to wander to these 10 thoughts in particular, then you know that you’re in a doomed romance:

1. I don’t see a future where we’re still together.

Well, if you have this thought, then it’s highly likely that things aren’t going to work out. At its best, you’re merely in a short-term fling with this person. You don’t really see your relationship going anywhere and you’re purely content with just riding this wave until it ends.

2. I hope they eventually become the person I want them to be.

If you want to change your partner’s character into someone else’s then might as well just find a new partner altogether. You can’t expect your partner to change for your relationship.

3. I’m so bored all the time.

The early stages of a relationship should always be the most exciting part. So what does that tell you about your romance if you feel completely bored all the time?

4. When will they ever stop annoying me?

If your partner is constantly annoying to you, then it’s likely that you are going to break up eventually. At some point, you are just going to snap and you won’t be able to tolerate their annoying habits anymore.

5. Maybe I should check up on my ex.

If you’re thinking about your ex even when you’re just starting to date your current partner, then something is seriously off with either them or you.

6. I don’t want my partner to tag along to this party.

In the early stages of your relationship, you will want to spend as much time with one another as possible. And if you feel like you want to get away from your partner, then that’s not a good sign.

7. I wonder if they’re cheating on me.

If you really can’t trust your partner even if you’re just starting off in your relationship, then it can be difficult to build on that trust as you get on with one another.

8. I can’t believe they genuinely believe that.

It’s okay for you to have your fair share of differences about a bunch of trivial things. But there are just some issues where irreconcilable differences and beliefs can break the back of a romance.

9. Why can’t they just loosen up a little?

If you never feel like you can be comfortable around one another, then that’s a relationship that is headed for an eventual demise.

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