If Your Boyfriend Does These 4 Things, He’s in Love with You

Isn’t it beautiful to fall in love? It sure is, the feelings attached to it are lovely. Once felt, you would want to never get out of it. It makes you believe in fairy tales and the fantasy that a prince charming would come to you on an admirable horse and you would be waiting for him in a pretty white dress. The feeling of love is an entirely different and captivating experience, and it makes you believe in miracles and wonders.

While it is a beautiful experience in itself, your partner plays a very significant role in making you think that you deserve the stars that he will bring for you. He will make you experience the incredible emotion through his honest feelings, consistent efforts, and unbound affection.

On the other hand, if your partner is not loyal, if he is only there to play around with your feelings and make you feel like a burden then the very same emotion can turn into your worst nightmare. Sleepless nights, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and feeling of taken for granted will make love an agony.

There are a few ways in which you can figure out for yourself if the guy you are with is really in love with you or is it some attraction for a temporary period. It is essential to look after yourself and stay away from men who will exploit you and make you believe otherwise about love.

A man who thinks of you as a permanent part of his life will try his best to avoid those acts that will hurt you or will push you away from him. His actions will be genuine, and there will be consistency in them.

He won’t be good for you only when it suits him. He will make sure to look after you. There are specific points in this article which will be clues for the Sherlock in you to solve the mystery if your guy truly loves you or no.

1. He sends a morning text

You are his first thought when he wakes up. You are not only his love, but you turn into an obsession for him. You will be his last and very first thought. He will sometimes resist contacting you and hide his emotions from you, and he wants to come as a strong-willed man. But there will be times when he will break and will make you feel special. You will know that he has you on his mind and he finds reasons to talk to you.

2. He lights up when he sees you

When a guy is in love with you-you will be the reason for his happiness, his smile, and his joy. No matter what he is going through when he will see you, and forget all of it and feel like he is home. He will look at you like he has never seen anything more beautiful and mesmeric before. He will grin from ear to ear while he is with you. Spending time with you will be his favorite time of the day. He will look forward to it as the day starts and his excitement will be too evident to you.

3. He asks for your opinions

While there are boyfriends who never care about your opinion and will never pay heed to your advice there are partners who will make an effort to know and value your thoughts. Your opinion matters to them. Not because they want to impress you by including you in their life, but they genuinely want you to feel that they want to align their lives with yours. They want to make decisions that will make you happy and benefit you and them. Also, they treat you as an equal and will make sure, though it can be subconsciously, that your ideas and advice can make a difference in their lives.

4. He will protect you

He will make sure that you are always doing well and he will do whatever is in his capacity to protect you. It is about the little things, he will ask you if you have eaten, he will walk on the outside of the road, he will give you his umbrella in the rain, and he will put himself in trouble to save you from one. You will never have to guess his intentions. You will know that he is possessive and protective of you, yet he gives you your desired space.

He will not suffocate you but will look after you so subtly that you won’t even feel him being over-protective about you. He will make sure to make you feel better when you are low or under the weather. Appreciate such a man and let him know that you would do the same for you. Such men are rare so when you find one hold on to him.

  1. Thank you. This helps alot. I have been in a long distance relationship for a while. We text and talk all the time. Out of the blue a very special message showed up. That told me how special I am to him. Even with thousands of miles between us. We are always making sure each other are ok.

  2. Im so obessed with mine
    Although I don’t know if he loves me anymore
    I’m seen as being played

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