If Your Boyfriend Is Doing These 12 Things: He’s Cheating On You

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Are you being cheated on?

A loyal man is a rare find these days. We’ve seen how infidelity can strike just about anywhere. No relationship is immune to man’s primal urges to engage in polygamy. The best that you can do is to protect yourself from such heartbreaks by looking out for the signs. Try and see if your man has tendencies for cheating. It might also help to catch him in the act instead of prolonging the agony of living with constant suspicions and fear.

You are a strong and independent woman who deserves so much more than to be cheated on. You should always maintain your integrity by choosing to prioritize your feelings over any other person. When you have strong suspicions of your boyfriend’s infidelity, confront him about it and end things when the evidence is strong. You don’t have to subject yourself to the torture of a toxic relationship like that.

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Here are some signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

1. He Smells Like He’s Been Around

A man’s scent can be very telling. If he’s been sleeping around with other women, he’ll reek of their stenches. He could be acquiring the scents of her perfume, her bedsheets, her clothes, her shampoo, and others. If he starts smelling funny (like not how he usually smells), then maybe you should start worrying for your relationship.

2. His Lady Friends Are Acting a Little Too Close For Comfort

You notice that when he’s with a particular lady friend, they can get very touchy. Perhaps, they give extra attention to each other whenever you’re out as a group. Maybe, you even find yourself on the losing side of attention whenever he’s given the chance to decide. That’s usually a bad sign.

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3. He Gets Calls and Texts During Odd Hours

Why would your boyfriend get regular calls or texts in the middle of the night? You could understand work emergencies that occur every so often. But why the consistency? Who is this mystery caller who is always trying to get a hold of him during the most inopportune of hours? You should be keeping a lookout. Don’t’ be crazy and ask to see his phone though. Just be more vigilant for any other signs of infidelity. – Continue reading on the next page

4. He Doesn’t Converse With You As Much As Before

You’re losing your spark and you find that you can no longer stimulate each other intellectually or emotionally. You don’t have many deep conversations anymore and that worries you. You find yourself always cutting conversations short because you don’t know what to say to each other. It also seems like he’s uneasy about being around you.

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5. He Develops New Mannerisms or Catchphrases

You know how people tend to emulate the accents or the catchphrases of the people they’re around the most? Be wary of any new expressions he throws around lately. If he’s sprouting up new catchphrases, it might be because he’s been hanging out way too much with someone he shouldn’t be hanging out with in the first place.

6. He’s Not All In When You’re Having Sex

His mind is wandering and neither of you are having fun. He sees sex as a chore to prolong the agony of your relationship. He no longer views sex as an amazing experience to be shared between two lovers. He feels this way because maybe he no longer loves you, or he’s found someone better to make love with. Either way, you deserve to be treated better than that.

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7. His Friends Let It Slip

Be wary of inconsistencies with stories when it comes to conversing with his friends. Maybe that night when he said he had to work late, his guy friends end up telling you that he was out with them. What are they trying to cover up? If they’re lying about something, then he’s probably lying to you too.

8. He Behaves Differently Than Before

You feel it whenever he’s around you. You don’t feel that intimacy or that animation whenever you’re together. You don’t like being around him because he no longer stimulates you. He’s always moody an seems on edge about something.В – Continue reading on the next page

9. He’s Known to be a Cheater

If he’s done it before, he’s probably going to do it again. Always keep your heart guarded whenever you’re getting into a relationship with a cheater. It’s better to be prepared for heartbreak than to be caught by surprise.

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10. He Gets Excessively Defensive When Confronted

If he gets extremely agitated and irritated whenever you ask him compromising questions, then that is a good indication of an affair. He gets flustered and is trying to deflect by acting like you’re being a hassle at the moment and then he proceeds to not answer your questions in the first place.

11. He Spends More Time At Work

If you feel like your relationship just isn’t at the place where it once was, then you should be on the lookout for the signs. The most common sign of infidelity is when he says he’s spending more time at work. If he’s spending multiple nights a week working late, then maybe you should start looking deeper into the situation.

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12. You Feel it in your Gut

Your instincts can save you from any situation. Trust them. They’re part of your character and you would never betray your own self.

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