If Your Girl Sends You These 50 Texts, Then Marry Her

These days, smartphones are essentially extensions of our arms. We use our phones right when we wake up in the morning. It’s the last thing we look at before we turn in for the night. Heck, a bunch of us are even going to bring our phones with us into the shower. There is just no denying how important phones are in the daily lives of people these days. And even though technology has its caveats, it still ultimately does more good than bad.

And part of what makes technology so great is the fact that it helps bridge the gap between people. In the age of smartphones, it’s so easy to make contact with someone who isn’t in the same vicinity as you. Communication is always going to play an important role in any kind of relationship. And smartphones offer us the convenience of being able to communicate with our loved ones at any point of the day. That’s why you should consider it a really great deal whenever your partner sends you messages whenever you’re apart. It shows that they make an effort to communicate with you even when you’re not together.

You can tell a lot about how a girl feels about you based on the way that she communicates with you – and that includes the manner in which she texts you. If she’s texting you the following things, then it’s likely that she’s vastly in love with you and you should consider putting a ring on it.

1. “I really love the way that you ____”

If she’s constantly feeding you with compliments, then this is always a good sign. It shows that she’s always going to want to make you feel good about yourself. She’s genuinely invested in building up your confidence and making sure that your self-esteem is never compromised.

2. “I’m having lunch alone and I wish you were here with me.”

She is essentially hinting at the fact that she wants to be able to share all of her meals with you. It’s not that she’s lonely. She doesn’t always have to be around other people. She just wants to be around you in particular. It’s your presence and your companionship that she craves.

3. A deep question about your life.

When she asks you some very deep questions about your life, then that means she’s becoming very invested in your personality. She’s really interested in knowing more and more about you. She wants to get to the core of your personality.

4. “Good morning!” or “Good night!”

If she’s texting you good morning without fail, then that means that you are the first thing on her mind right when she wakes up. And if she texts you good night, it means that you’re the last thing on her mind before she drifts off to sleep.

5. “I saw this and it reminded me of you.”

Texts like these might seem completely random and out of the blue. But the truth is that she just wants an excuse to be able to talk with you. She is just looking for an opportunity to come into contact with you through texting.”

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