If Your Guy Does These 9 Things, Then You Should Never Let Him Go

Sometimes, you’re just going to need a few reminders that the guy that you’re with is someone you should never let go. When you get into a relationship with someone, it can be very easy to take things for granted especially when thins will begin to stabilize.

When you are first starting out in your love, things are always so exciting and exhilarating. But once the honeymoon phase is over, the passion and the fire can start to die down. And that’s always dangerous. This is where are strengths of couples will really be tested.

Just because your partner is making things too easy for you in the relationship doesn’t mean that you have a free past to coast and relax. You still have to make sure that you are exerting maximum effort in your love. You always have to be fighting for your relationship with all your might.

This is especially true if you have a guy who is worth holding on to. And just in case you need a reminder that your man is definitely a keeper, then just go ahead and read on until the end of this article. If a lot of the things listed here apply to your guy, then you need to fight like hell to make sure that you never let him go.

  1. He doesn’t hesitate to carve time out of his schedule for you. He is always up for making you feel like a genuine priority. He knows that we only ever really give time to the things and people that are most important to us. And he isn’t afraid of letting you know just how important you are to him.
  2. He doesn’t completely abandon the other aspects of his life. He’s still someone who maintains his individuality and sense of self even though you’re in a relationship with each other. He’s never going to abandon who he is to the point that he loses himself in your relationship. He’s still going to hold on to his hopes, dreams, ambitions, and passions.
  3. He encourages you to hold on to your sense of individuality as well. He is never selfish. He is never going to ask you to be anyone other than who you really are. He would never want to stand in the way of your goals and dreams. He would never want to hold you back from becoming the person you aspire to be.
  4. He always treats you with the utmost respect. He understands that you are a woman of value and dignity. He knows that if he ever disrespects you, then that would be the first step to losing you. He always makes sure that he never belittles you. He always makes sure that you never feel demeaned or looked down upon in your relationship. He never makes you feel judged or criticized. He never makes you feel like you are less of a person than you really are.
  5. He talks about the future with you. He is a guy who wants you to feel a sense of safety and security in your relationship. He wants you to feel that you have a genuine future with him. He wants you to know that you just aren’t a temporary hookup or a casual fling with him. He always wants you to feel that you are always free to picture a real future with him.
  6. He always proves his dependability and reliability with you. He is always going to do whatever it takes to make you feel like he is someone you can depend on. When he makes a promise to you, he always follows up. When he commits to something, he always follows through. Whenever he says something, he always backs it up. You can always rely on him to deliver.
  7. He is responsible with his money. You never want to end up in a long-term relationship with a guy who is financially unstable and irresponsible. Money is known to be a common backbreaker for plenty of relationships. And if you are really serious about sharing a future with this guy, you want to make sure that he isn’t going to end up putting you in a financially compromised position.
  8. He is a hard worker. He is someone who always commits himself to put in the effort for everything that he wants in this life – and that includes your relationship as well. He knows that your love is something that he must always be fighting for. He knows that you are a woman who is always going to be worth the effort.
  9. He takes care of you. He always does whatever he can to make you feel happy and comfortable. He always prioritizes your physical and emotional well-being. He always makes sure that your needs are being met at all times.
    1. So sad, its her loss, however just look inward for those unspoken attribute she might have complained abt too, all the best dear, see

  1. I had met this man but how could I hold him ,when he had a family already.I pretended to be okay even without him but it totally breaks my heart.I love him so much until now,I just prayed that His gonna be okay,tears falling down everytime I remeber him No min,no hour,that his always in my mind.

    1. Hey Rosemarie
      Sometimes we have to fall before we can fly. Einstein once said to Ghandi, love you brotha and yo motha and listen to Marvien Gaye when you are down.

      Kind regards,
      Yours truly

  2. Completely a selfish advise. If you want everything good and on place then you first should become worthy for a man like that.

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