If Your Man Does These Things, Then He’s Probably Insecure

An insecure individual is someone who is not confident about who he is and so he ends up doubting himself a lot. And on the surface, that might not really seem like a big deal. But if you actually have to deal with the insecurities of a person you are in a relationship with, then you might just find out how hard and difficult it is to not be infected by all that negativity. You can be overwhelmed by the amount of toxicity that would bring in a relationship.

However, there are plenty of men out there who are very good at hiding their insecurity. They will make it seem like they are totally upright and that nothing is bothering them. That’s how they’re going to reel you in and get you in so deep that you will not want to leave them. That’s why you will always want to stay vigilant. If you notice a few of these signs in your man, then he’s probably insecure.

1. He doesn’t really have any friends.

Most people don’t typically like to spend their time with toxic and insecure people. And that’s why he doesn’t really have that many friends to begin with.

2. He asks about your ex.

He is always looking to measure himself up to others. He is so displeased with how his life is like and what kind of person he is. That’s why he keeps asking you about your ex. He wants to try to know the many ways that he might be better than your old flame. It’s sort of a much-needed ego boost for him.

3. He tells you he loves you way too early in the relationship.

He rushes through various stages in the relationship. That’s a bad thing because he wants to lock you down early. He wants to make sure that you don’t have enough time to change your mind on him because he thinks that you’re eventually going to realize just how mediocre of a person he is. He thinks that way because that’s just how he sees himself.

4. He makes you his whole entire life.

He doesn’t really have anything else of substance that is going on in his life. He is always just living a life for you and the relationship. He doesn’t have a solid career going on. There aren’t any hobbies or passions that he can immerse himself in. He is just essentially living a life to be in a relationship with you.

5. He constantly seeks validation from you.

He is constantly seeking for validation from you. He is always asking you about the things about him that you love and admire the most. He is always trying to ask whether you love him just as much as you used to when you first got together. He is always seeking for reminders of why you are still with him.

6. He acts jealous in your relationship.

He is always jealous of the things that you choose to devote your time to. For instance, if you would like to have a night out with the girls, he gets upset. If you have to spend a few extra hours at the office for work, he gets angry. He feels like all of your time should only ever be spent on him and him alone.

7. He checks your phone a lot.

He is always invading your privacy. He is obviously very insecure about his place in the relationship. He doesn’t think that you would love him enough to stay with him and be faithful to him. That’s why he has resorted to just checking your phone and seeing if you are engaging in shady behavior behind his back.

8. He constantly craves for attention.

He is a man who is constantly craving for your attention. He isn’t confident about his own existence. And that’s why he feels like he doesn’t really matter in this world unless people are willing to give him attention. He constantly feels like he’s put under pressure to be the center of attention.

9. He doesn’t handle criticism too well.

His ego is too fragile to the point that he doesn’t really handle criticism all too well. He’s the kind of guy who gets offended really easily when you try to criticize him. He doesn’t understand the idea of constructive criticism. Whenever you criticize him, he just feels like you are attacking him and making him feel bad for his flaws.

10. He acts jealous whenever you spend time on other things.


He doesn’t really want to let you have a life of your own because he wants to make up your entire life. He wants to be the one who you center your whole life around. He wants to make up your entire world. And that’s all because he doesn’t have a life of his own beyond you.

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