If Your Man Is Guilty Of These 10 Things, Then You Need To Run Away Immediately

You always need to be on the lookout for your own well-being. You need to have your own back.  You always want to be making sure that you keep yourself guarded especially in the early aspects of love and a relationship. Yes, in true love, you are always going to have to learn to trust a person. But real trust takes substantial time to build. It’s not just something that you can give to a person right away. It’s not something that you dole out so freely and liberally. You need to always be looking out for yourself.

There is just so much risk involved in getting into romantic relationships these days. You have to know that when you get into a relationship with someone, you are always going to have to display some form of vulnerability. And when there is a vulnerability, that means there is a risk of getting hurt. That means that you are opening yourself up to someone in a way that allows them to cause you pain. And that’s okay. That’s the risk that you run for love. But you can’t be careless about it either.

If you notice early in the relationship that your guy is exhibiting a lot of red flags, then you need to distance yourself from that situation entirely. Remember that a toxic partner and a toxic relationship can cause some serious emotional trauma to a person. And you don’t want that for yourself. You don’t want to be attaching yourself to that kind of negativity and toxicity in your life. So, if you happen to see that a lot of these things actually apply to your guy, then run away as fast as you can.

1. He insults you to make you feel bad.

There should always be room for criticism in a relationship so as long as it is done out of love. However, if he’s criticizing you purely just to make you feel bad, then you shouldn’t put up with it.

2. He fails to give you appreciation and gratitude.

He really fails to give you the kind of appreciation and gratitude that you are deserving of with your efforts in the relationship. He doesn’t care about how that makes you feel.

3. He doesn’t show any interest in your deepest goals and dreams.

He doesn’t really concern himself with your goals and dreams. He is only ever thinking about what he wants and what he needs in the relationship. He doesn’t look to the future because he doesn’t really care much about the long-term implications of your relationship.

4. He shows an unwillingness to compromise.

Compromise is always going to be essential in any kind of relationship. And if he shows an unwillingness to compromise with you, that means that he really isn’t interested in meeting you halfway. It shows that he is selfish and he’s only looking out for himself.

5. He carries grudges in your relationship.

He carries grudges in your relationship. He shows no sense of patience or understanding at all. Whenever you screw up and apologize, he doesn’t really make you feel like he’s ever going to let you off the hook. He tries to guilt you into being better for him.

6. He lies to you a lot.

One of the biggest red flags to look for in a guy is dishonesty. You should always be wary of someone who is virtually incapable of telling you the truth. When he lies to you, he shows a willingness to deceive you and conceal the truth from you.

7. He tries to take control of your time.

He feels entitled to take ownership of your time. Remember that just because you are in a relationship together doesn’t mean that he gets to dictate the way that you live your life and spend your time. You should still be able to make your own decisions.

8. He fails to give you time when you need it.

Time is always the most valuable gift that you could possibly ever share with another person. And if he isn’t giving you or this relationship much of his time, it just goes to show how uninvested he is in the entire situation.

9. He acts hot and cold with you.

You should always be able to demand consistency from your man. You’re going to need a lot of consistency if you’re going to create a sense of stability in your relationship. If he’s always hot and cold, then that might mean he’s not a man you can build a relationship with.

10. He physically abuses you.

There should be no room for any kind of physical abuse in any kind of relationship. And if he starts showing his violent colors early on, then you should really take that as a red flag. Tolerate none of it. Tell him that you aren’t going to put up with that and that you won’t subject yourself to this kind of danger.

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