If You’re No Longer Sexually Attracted To Your Partner, Read This

There is really nothing like the fire that you feel at the start of a relationship. When you and your partner are just starting out, your passion is practically like it’s at an all-time high. You and your partner are in the honeymoon phase of your romance and the sexual attraction that you share is quite intense.

Your sexual chemistry can feel so strong to the point that you feel like nothing in the world would be able to stop it. You just can’t seem to take your hands off one another. However, you have to know that this isn’t necessarily going to last all throughout the stretch of your relationship.

You are eventually going to exit the honeymoon phase of your relationship and your passion for one another will really be tested. You aren’t going to have rose-colored lenses for your partner anymore and this is where the initial novelty of a fresh relationship is going to die down.

And this isn’t necessarily something that only happens to weak couples. This isn’t something that is only going to threaten the weakest of relationships. This is something that happens in varying degrees to all sorts of relationships. No one is going to be immune to this – not even the strongest couples of us all.

However, you shouldn’t take that to mean that this is a phase of your relationship that you will just be able to overcome fairly easily. You are still going to have to work your butt off to keep the passion and intimacy in your relationship alive. In fact, when you are no longer in the honeymoon phase of your relationship, then this is where your decisions will either make or break your love. It’s either you fight like hell to keep your intimacy alive or you just let everything die out completely.

What exactly do you need to do if you feel like the sexual attraction in your relationship is diminishing? What do you need to do if your initial attraction is fading between the two of you? Do you just wait things out until the issues fix themselves? Do you exert extra effort so that you are able to work through it? Does this signify the end of your relationship because you think you are sexually incompatible after all? Well, if you’re genuinely curious, then you need to read on to find out.

1. This Is Why It Happens

A clinical psychologist and relationship expert named Dr. Julie Gurner says that a decrease in sexual attraction isn’t just purely going to be about looks. She says that attraction is so much more than just two peoples’ physical appearance.

Debi Silber, a psychologist and lifestyle coach, says that a decreased level of sexual attraction in the relationship might actually be the result of need and expectations being unmet.

Whenever your needs and expectations aren’t being satisfied in the relationship, it’s only natural that your attraction for your partner is going to decrease. That’s why it’s also common for couples to pull away from one another whenever this is the case.

Another factor that comes into it is when you’re actually living together with your partner for the first time. When that’s the case, you risk taking each other for granted because you know that the both of you are just always there. When you settle yourselves into a routine in your relationship, then it isn’t going to feel as exciting as before.

Gurner also postulates that it might have a lot to do with the length of your relationship. People change and grow over time, and they might end up less attracted to one another as a result of it.

2. What You And Your Partner Need To Do About It

According to the advice of Silber, it’s very much possible to rebuild the spark that you initially had at the start of your relationship. However, before you are able to do so, you need to really think about what caused the breakdown of your attraction in the first place.

Once you are able to do that, then you can begin to work on reigniting that spark that you’ve lost in your relationship. You really need to make a conscious effort to express your affection for your partner. It’s also worth noting that it really takes the concerted effort of both individuals in the relationship. It can’t be a one-sided affair.

You can start by spending some alone time together. The intimacy that is afforded to you when you really just spend time with yourselves can do wonders for your relationship. You can also try scheduling your sexual encounters so that you are able to get the ball rolling once more.

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  1. I need relationship advice badly. It’s been since October of 2021 that me and my partner are no longer having sex like we were. He is 48 and 38 and it went from great to nothing. Since then we have had sex maybe six times and twice he got off. He says it’s not me but I have been a little bit of weight but not too much. He says it’s not that. But I catch him watching p*** on his phone and it’s young girls and they’re skinny and pretty and it makes me feel some type of way because all I get is rejection from him every time I try. So if there’s anyone that can maybe help me figure this out if he’s attracted to me or what’s really going on.thanks

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