If You’re With Someone Who Does These 13 Things, Then You Shouldn’t Take It For Granted

Don’t take anyone for granted.

1. They make it a point to really listen to what you’re saying.

Communication is always going to be important in a relationship. And it’s not just important that you have for yourself a partner who isn’t afraid of being communicative and expressive. It’s also important that you’re with someone who understands the importance of actually hearing what you have to say.

2. They do whatever they can to make your life easier and happier.

When you get into a relationship with someone, you aren’t just gaining a romantic partner, you are gaining a teammate for life. You are getting intimate with someone who is supposed to always have your back no matter what; someone who would be there for you to make your life a whole lot better.

3. They commit to you and to the relationship.

Relationships are never designed to be easy. That’s why when two individuals fall in love and get into a relationship with one another, it’s integral that they commit to one another. It takes a great deal of commitment and effort for two individuals to really make a relationship work in spite of the challenges.

4. They consistently encourage you to just be comfortable with just being yourself.

When you get into a genuine loving relationship with someone else, it should be a relationship that accepts you and loves you for who you are. You should never feel compelled or pressured to turn yourself into someone you’re not comfortable with being. You should be with someone who always makes you feel love and accepted despite your imperfections.

5. They genuinely have a fun time whenever you’re together.

At the end of the day, you get into a relationship with one another to make each other happy. And whenever you’re together, the fun should come effortlessly. You don’t have to force the positive vibes and the good feelings that you get when you spend time with each other. They just come as a result of your natural chemistry.

6. They find it important to always take care of you.

You are a strong and independent individual. You are mature enough to actually take care of yourself. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be with someone who wants to take care of you too. You should have each other’s backs and that means taking care of one another whenever necessary. We are all only human after all.

7. They take a very mature and healthy approach to resolving conflict.

Conflict in a relationship is inevitable. When two special individuals who carry very distinct and unique personalities fall in love, that doesn’t mean that they should end up agreeing on everything. But the strongest couples are always the ones who know how to manage their conflict effectively in a way that doesn’t undermine their love for one another.

8. They aren’t shy to show you off to the world.

You should always have a partner who is proud of you and who isn’t afraid to show you off to the world. You should be with someone who doesn’t try to keep you a secret because they are ashamed of who you are.

9. They never lack in effort for making the relationship work.

It takes a great deal of effort for to people to sustain a romance. And when one side lacks in effort, then a relationship is never going to work out. That’s why you need to find yourself someone who isn’t afraid of putting in the kind of effort that’s necessary to really sustain a relationship.

10. They aren’t afraid of just being vulnerable with you.

They don’t constantly feel the need to close themselves off from you. They trust you enough to actually open up to you about the most vulnerable and insecure aspects of their life. They would never cut you off or make you feel excluded from their lives. They will always let you in no matter how scary it might be to do so.

11. They never shy away from throwing a compliment your way.

They would grab at any opportunity to make you happy; to make you feel better about who you are. They will never shy away from trying to put a smile on your face and they will want to boost your ego whenever they can.

12. They excite you about the prospect of spending the future together.

As with any serious relationship, the idea of the future is always going to be important. All long-term romances have to be thinking in the long-term. They must always be forward-thinking because part of the keys of being in a sustainable relationship is being able to plan for the future; and to be excited by it as well.

13. They always make you feel loved.

And at the base of it all, if your partner makes you feel loved, then there’s really not much else you would really require from them.

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