‘I’m 24 and I got Pregnant at the same time as my 44-year-old Mother’

A 24-year-old woman became pregnant at the same time as her 44-year-old mother, and she says it’s amazing to see her son and her little brother grow up at the same time.

In June 2018, when Melanie Warburton, 44, came home to tell her daughter Keesha, 44, that she was six weeks pregnant, Keesha told her that she had just taken a pregnancy test and was expecting.

The mother-daughter duo celebrated the good news and became excited to welcome their babies together. They went to doctor’s appointments together, shopped for baby clothes, and even shared a joint baby shower.

On January 15, 2019, Mum Melanie gave birth to her third child, Grayson, via C-section. Two weeks later, on January 29, Keesha welcomed her baby boy, Carter.

Both boys are now four years old.

“I came down the stairs with a pregnancy test in my hand, and there was my mum with a scan in her hand,” said Keesha, a trainee teaching assistant in Atherton, Greater Manchester.

“I came down with a pregnancy test, and mum was like, ‘I can’t have anything for myself.’ It was bonkers but amazing to go through pregnancy and giving birth with her.”

Speaking about her motherhood journey, Keesha’s mother, Melanie, who already had three children before Grayson, said she had her tubes untied before his birth and had been trying to conceive with her partner and Keesha’s stepfather, William Warburton, 36, for quite some time before she finally received the good news from her obgyn in 2018.

“Because of the hormones we both had, we did rip into each other a few times,” said Melanie.

“It was amazing having my mum telling me everything was normal or ok,” added Keesha. “She’d feel the baby move and then two weeks later, I would.”

“We just went through everything together. To get a little brother and have my own son at the same time was incredible. A little bit bonkers but just amazing.”

Both boys, Carter and Grayson, will start school in September, and their mums are very excited about this next chapter of their lives.

“It’s been amazing seeing how well Carter and Grayson get along. They had every milestone so close together. It has been so lovely to see,” Keesha said.

She added that despite their uncle and nephew relationship, the boys are like brothers to each other.

Two months after Carter’s birth, Keesha became pregnant again and welcomed twins Lottie and Louis with her 23-year-old partner, Callum Pearson. The twins are three years old now.

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