‘I’m 5’2” and Fed Up with Questions About Intimacy with my Nearly 7 Feet Tall Boyfriend’

A couple with a whopping 19-inch height difference has opened up about their relationship, leaving the internet in awe.

Ashlyn Bischoff, 22, and her boyfriend, Dylan Porter, 24, have a unique relationship that often catches people’s attention. They met in college and instantly hit it off despite one noticeable difference: their heights.

However, their height difference has led to some interesting situations – people often ask them about their relationship, sometimes even assuming Dylan is Ashlyn’s dad rather than her boyfriend. This curiosity has made their journey together even more memorable.

Ashlyn is 5 feet 2 inches tall, while her boyfriend is 6 feet 9 inches, resulting in a height difference of over a foot and a half.

The couple frequently share insights into their life together on TikTok, attracting curiosity from both online and offline audiences interested in their relationship dynamics. However, Ashlyn revealed that some of the questions are a bit too personal.

“People will see us and instantly start asking personal and intimate questions. We’ve even had experiences where people will ask us inappropriate questions in front of our parents,” she said.

“We definitely get a lot of stares and comments in public, but that happens to Dylan in general because he is a giant. We don’t give much thought or attention to that – it’s more the people who make sly remarks or once again, say something inappropriate.”

Meanwhile, Dylan mentioned that it was Ashlyn who noticed people staring more, as he’s always been tall and his family is tall too, so he was used to it. As a content creator, Ashlyn faces daily challenges because she is over a foot and a half shorter than her partner. One such struggle is being unable to reach items Dylan places on high shelves.

Keeping up with Dylan while walking is also a challenge for Ashlyn, who often finds herself looking up at her taller partner. Despite this, Dylan does his best to accommodate her needs.

“All the mirrors in the house are to Ashlyn’s height. Things Ashlyn thinks are normal-sized are too small for me,” said Dylan. “I sometimes don’t fit in the framing for our videos, and we have to reshoot them, always looking down.”

The couple also find it hard to take ‘normal-looking’ pictures together, hear each other in busy places, drive each other’s cars and slow dance together.

“Dylan’s clothes and shoes take up so much space in a suitcase. We can’t share clothes,” said Ashlyn.

The couple recently gained online attention through a video showing Dylan lifting Ashlyn to reach places around the house she can’t get to because of her height. Many social media users chimed in, with one commenting, “I thought you were his daughter.”

“Bro holding her up like he showing a cat it’s reflection on the mirror,” a second person added.

“I think she’s the lucky one. He looks way taller than I am, and I’m the tall one in my house. She has a guy who can reach ALL THE THINGS!” a third remarked.

“He’s so tall I thought she was like 12 when I first seen her lol. That’s some height difference, lol,” said another.

Reflecting on the comments, Ashlyn noted, “We only really started to realize how eye-catching our height difference is when we started posting on social media. We definitely have a mix of positive and negative comments on our videos.”

“But overall our height difference is really eye-catching to people and people love to engage and share their opinions on our relationship and our videos!”

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Sources: Daily Mail

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