‘I’m a Fat Hot Babe – I Wear 6XL Bikinis, I Look Good, Haters Are Just Jealous’

A plus-sized woman who describes herself as a ‘fat hot babe’ wears 6XL clothing and thinks her beauty threatens her body shamers.

Rosie Jean is a 31-year-old plus-sized personality from the US who is not only an OnlyFans model but also a confident social media influencer who boasts over 70K followers on Instagram.

Rosie goes by the username @fatrosephoenix on social media, calls herself a ‘professionally fat’ influencer, and does not shy away from sharing her sexy pictures on her blog.

 “I’m sexy for who I am, what I have done, and what I represent. I am gorgeous for the love I have in my heart. It’s just a bonus that I’m a fat hot babe, honestly,” she told The Sun. “My mere existence as a fat, confident, pretty woman threatens so many types of people and their perception of themselves.”

She added, “They hate themselves so much they cannot FATHOM how I love myself. And frankly, that’s a failure of their own self-awareness, not a failing of mine.”

“Fat is a state of being, it isn’t a mood,” Jean told the outlet.

Rosie also said that people who criticize her and call her fat to bring down her self-confidence don’t know that she is more than the shape of her body.

“I’m not insulted when anyone calls me fat. I AM Fatrosephoenix, I am beautiful, I am smart, and I am defined by so much more than my body. I also choose to show my body in the pursuit to advocate. I refuse to ever be put in a box.”

Rosie also calls herself a mental health advocate. She aims to help other fat people like her who are not confident being plus-sized and also become insecure about their bodies due to people’s negativity.

“I’m fat, I’m hot, and I’m proud,” said Rosie. “But I’m also intelligent, motivated, and ready to step more into my real long-term goals. Because I already am hot, I already am owning my body, I already am living this life that I am so thankful for.”

“I love myself for who I am, where I’ve been, and who I’ve come to be. I feel so much joy in life even when fighting very sad, hard, real trials in life,” she said.

Jean has many fans and supporters on social media who think she is a strong-headed and brave woman who’s breaking stereotypes on the internet by confidently embracing her body regardless of its size, sharing her journey online, and becoming a source of inspiration for many other people like her.

“Thank you so much for the effort and talent you put into this and for choosing me as a source of inspiration. I absolutely love it,” one follower wrote on Rosie’s latest Instagram post.

“When I’m worried, I go directly to your account and smile immediately because you always have a smile on your face, and this makes my day happy,” a second said.

“You’re beautiful in any size no matter what,” a third commented.

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Source: The Sun

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  1. Yeah I guess you shouldn’t be offended if someone call you fat, because that’s what you are and even according to yourself there’s really no big issue I’m not even sure why this article is published. What I don’t understand is why people are using stop being a hater or you are jelly cliches. Those cliches are used when somebody’s balling out rich got something going on hardcore that everybody wants. In this instance I don’t believe those cliches apply.

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