‘I’m a millionaire at 11 and set to retire at 15 – I already own a $267,100 Car and love luxury shopping sprees’

An 11-year-old girl who has earned over $21 million by selling fidget spinners and hair accessories is set to retire in the next couple of years.

Pixie Curtis, the daughter of Aussie businesswoman Roxy Jacenko plans to retire at the age of 15 after making millions from her accessory line, Pixie’s Bows, and toy range, Pixie’s Fidgets.

The founder of Pixie’s Bows boasts 136K followers on her Instagram, where she regularly shares her routine and lifestyle.

Recently, Pixie went on a crazy shopping spree and posted her haul on Instagram, showing her followers her expensive cosmetics, designer fashion items, and luxury candles.

“So I’ve just done my Sunday shop… I’m gonna show you what I’ve got,” she said in her video.

The preteen was then seen pulling several items out of her shopping bags, including a ‘Too Faced ‘lip injection’ plumping gloss worth $27 (£21) and a Mecca Max bronzing stick worth $19 (£15). She also splurged on a $61 (£48) Sol de Janeiro fragrance and two luxury candles by Byredo, each costing $107 (£85),’ per Daily Star.

Then she showed her $125 Ugg boots purchased from luxury athleisure outlet Style Runner.

“I’m super excited about this. I got the mini Uggs in chestnut,” she said.

Pixie’s shopping haul video amassed over 38K views on Instagram, and people had a mixed responses to share in the comments.

“Does she need all of this at her age? Lol,” one person commented.

“I have a great idea. Drive to your local kids hospital at Randwick and spend the day with kids less fortunate. Those with cancer or terminal illness would love that. You’re old enough to do that now. Appreciate what you have is not real but also acknowledge other kids who are doing it tough would like some of the things you have but don’t need. It’s just stuff. Go on … send an example to your school and your followers. I’m sure your school Principal would be very proud,” a second viewer suggested.

“Why does an 11-year-old need “lip injection plumper”? This girl’s going to need a lot of therapy when she’s older,” a third viewer said.

“Way too spoilt, shes a kid, why does she need make-up?” wrote another.

Meanwhile others said the preteen has all the rights to spoil herself with expensive products as she is a millionaire.

“You deserve what you’ve aren’t if you can’t spoil yourself who can they say,” a woman wrote.

“I’m struggling to understand why grown women are making negative comments on a young girls post regardless of your opinions and thoughts she is a young girl who’s finding her way in this big hard world making judgements isn’t doing anyone any good you do you @pixiecurtis and shine bright,” added another.

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