‘I’m a Side Chick and Dating Married Men Fuels My Power’

Women who’ve been involved with married men are speaking out, revealing why they made that choice and sharing some surprising truths. A 21-year-old woman who recently ended her relationship with a married man asked others in similar situations to share their stories.

On Reddit, she explained that while the affair initially made her feel strong, she’s now grappling with feelings of guilt and shame. Some women said they dated married men just because they could, without feeling sorry. Others blamed their young and reckless behavior, but now they regret what they did.

A number of women shared different reasons for choosing married men.

“I have major commitment issues, and the idea of a low-maintenance ‘relationship’ is the dream. It ended with me feeling like a complete idiot,” wrote one.

“The thought of being desired so much that he was willing to sacrifice his living situation and long-term relationship was disorienting. It felt like a drug I couldn’t get enough of,” a second commented. “The heart pounding adrenalin of watching him debate in real time if he was going to cheat, and then feeling him look at me and decide didn’t want to, but HAD to.”

One woman shared how she ended up having an affair with her boss unintentionally.

“I’d just started a new job and ended up completely falling for my married boss. I knew it was wrong and tried to keep my distance but we had a bunch of business trips together which resulted in a lot of 1:1 time,” she wrote on Reddit.

“I was in a really dark place. My dating life was barren, I felt rejected, gained weight, and my self-esteem plummeted. But I had this attractive, successful guy at work telling me I’m smart, beautiful, and that any guy who wasn’t into me was an idiot.”

She said that she felt alive again whenever she was with him and sensed a magnetic chemistry between them. According to the Redditor, her boss also confessed to feeling the same way towards her, and despite their efforts to avoid it, after a year of tension, they eventually ended up hooking up.

“I knew he was married, I knew it was wrong. I never met the wife but thought she must be a much better person than I was. My colleagues had met her and I knew she was beautiful, fit, and seemed really kind,” she added.

Another person shared that they became addicted to the thrill of keeping the secret.

“I am not proud of being the other woman, but I thought I was the baddest b*tch on the planet. He would spend every other weekend with me, and the one week a month he traveled for work he was actually coming to me,” the post read.

“I was with him for his bachelor party trip, I was with him the day after their wedding. I thought he’s the only person that will love me and she’s just more presentable so ‘of course’ he had to marry her. I listened to every line be fed me.”

“On my 23rd birthday and he was with me instead of her nursing graduation. I heard the voicemail she left him and to this day, almost 13 years later, I can still hear her crying. I knew that moment it could not continue, and I ended it.”

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