‘Trad-Wife,’ 25, Says She Loves Being Subservient to her Husband, but in a ‘Healthy’ Way

A self-proclaimed traditional housewife said she loves cooking and cleaning for her husband.

Estee Williams is a 25-year-old ‘trad-wife’ from Richmond, Virginia, who spent six hours daily cooking food for her husband, Conner, 23, and cleaning the house before he returns from work.

Conner is an electrician who is the family’s sole bread earner while Estee loves being a stay-at-home wife.

Despite people calling her backward and orthodox, Williams loves being subservient to her husband but in a ‘healthy’ way.

“The 25-year-old, who said she takes inspiration from the Bible, added she has nothing against women who work and thinks no one should be judged for their choices,” Daily Mail wrote.

 According to Estee, “The husband is a provider, the protector and supports the family financially, and the woman is the homemaker in my view.”

“This is a choice my husband and I made together and I’m very happy with it. It’s very fulfilling, and it’s an honor for my husband and I to live this lifestyle.”

“People are afraid to completely depend on a partner, but in an ideal world that’s what marriage is about,” she continued. “I worked as a nanny until we got engaged in 2022, but I stopped because I’d always aspired to this lifestyle.”

Estee added that ever since she started posting about her views and life details on social media, many people criticized her for being old-fashioned.

“I’ve had tons of criticism since I started posting on social media. A lot of people think I’m taking women back to the 1950s and find it completely distasteful. But I believe nobody should be shamed for their choice.”

She said her husband, Conner goes hunting on weekends, and their freezer is always full of meat.

“She wears 1950s-style clothing – choosing to don dresses rather than leggings. She also only watches television on the weekends,” per Daily Mail.

“Although Estee makes small purchases – such as buying coffee – without asking her husband, she said he has the final say on any big purchases, including buying their house.”

The 25-year-old said that her Christian faith inspired her to become a traditional wife who always listens to her husband. She believes that doing so would make her ‘God’s beloved.’

“Women don’t need to do what men do to be equally important in the world,” said Estee. “I think we can be equally important by believing in our roles.”

“I’ve always wanted this lifestyle but kept it to myself as I knew how people would view it.”

The pair first met in 2020 and got along really well after discussing their traditional views.

“On our first date he said that more than anything, he wanted to give a woman the stay-at-home role. As we began talking about the future, we developed this plan to lead a more traditional lifestyle.”

She added, “The bible talks about home making and a woman’s place in the world. It’s not The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it’s a humble lifestyle.”

“Making your own bread, learning to sew, making your own clothing sometimes – it grounds you.”

She said that she cleans the house every day before her husband gets back home so that he can come home to a clean house and food served while it’s still hot.

Besides hanging pictures in the house and lifting heavy stuff, Conner has no responsibility at home.

“It’s important that when he comes home from work, he can relax.”

She concluded, “I’m happy to do all the laundry, but he doesn’t just throw his shirts on the floor. He’s very respectful and will always take his plates to the sink – he doesn’t treat me like a slave.”

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Source: Daily Mail

  1. I see zero wrong with what she is doing. I don’t wear the 1950s clothes but I do take care of my husband. I cook, I clean, I’ve raised our children. The Bible says that men were made to provide and protect and women were made to be the helpers. And I’m 100% all about it. Nothing wrong with women being independent and working and making their own money but there’s also nothing wrong with a woman staying home and taking care of the family and her husband

    1. I think that some one has to be home with the children wh
      ether the mom or the dad, because there is a lot of of bad stuff out there and young minds need to make the right moves in life.

  2. If it works for them then great but not all men would respect a woman like that and she would become a slave to his every whim and have no rights or her own needs met so if going into this kind of lifestyle you need to be very sure of boundaries and the man you are committing to

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