“I’m an Alpha Male Dating a Transgender Woman – People Say Our Love is Inappropriate”

Jesse Schwenker, a 29-year-old plumber from Florida, has shared his love story with a transgender woman, Cassidy Cauley, to give a voice to others, even in the face of criticism. Jesse, initially seeking a ‘traditional’ relationship where he could be the provider, found himself stuck in a loop until he discovered Cassidy on Instagram.

Despite Cassidy revealing she was transgender, Jesse was instantly smitten. Their whirlwind romance has led Jesse to advocate for others, even though they face criticism online, with some deeming their relationship as ‘wrong.’

“There is not one word or one sentence that you could possibly put together that would actually hurt me or my girlfriend, Jesse said. “All of the negative comments are the reason we are such a strong couple today.”

“I embrace who I date and no one can take that away from me or her.I let the bad words and death threats just sit on my shoulder and then I wipe them off as I continue to walk the righteous path of a rare man holding my lady’s hand through any storm.”

Jesse emphasized that sharing their story was not for social media validation but to break barriers and be a voice for men like himself who face judgment for dating a trans woman. He sought acceptance and a partner who would support him through life changes. Cassidy’s inspiring story intrigued Jesse, prompting him to learn more about her.

“I knew the consequences when I started dating her, but everything that has happened has been so worth it,” he said. “Our main message is that love has no boundaries and anybody can love anyone – it shouldn’t matter who they are or their past.”

Cassidy, who identified as a woman from a young age, faced internal struggles with her emotions until the age of 14 when she came across a YouTube video detailing someone else’s journey. This served as a “lightbulb” moment, leading her to embark on the process of transitioning.

Despite facing hurtful comments online, Cassidy received unwavering support from her parents. Before finding love with Jesse, she encountered challenges in relationships.

“I’ve had people say to me before that I was leading them on after eventually telling them I was transgender.” Said Cassidy. “I just want them to see me for who I really am, rather than basing everything on that. I’ve never had a real relationship before, and most of the guys I dated were only interested in the fantasy of being with someone like me.”

However, upon meeting Jesse, Cassidy was captivated by his messages that made her feel special and safe. Jesse, in turn, placed her on a pedestal, expressing that, regardless of anything else, he saw her as a person with a good heart.

Despite quickly falling in love after spending a week together in May 2022 and connecting on a deep level, Jesse faced challenges when sharing the news with his parents and friends. Unfortunately, the reception from his parents and some friends was not positive, leading to a strained relationship. Jesse remains hopeful for reconciliation with them in the future.

“I have a few friends that I lost along the way because they think it’s embarrassing to be friends with the person I’ve become. But this was such a blessing, as they were never true friends in the first place if they weren’t happy about seeing me in love,” he said.

In the face of online negativity and being called names like ‘scumbags’ and ‘brainwashers,’ Cassidy and Jesse have developed a thick skin. They shared their story on social media to make a positive impact and be advocates for those in similar situations. Despite the challenges, they remain committed to being a voice for others and emphasizing that nothing should hinder the pursuit of true love.

“We are the voice of embracing who you are and I’m sick of seeing people bashed for their sexual preferences,” said Cassidy. “I don’t want anybody to go through that anymore and it’s time to make a change – earth isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago.”

“It’s time people’s thoughts and feelings evolve like everything else.”

Jesse emphasized, “We do get discouraged at times, but it’s important to discuss how we are feeling. Now, I’m planning on proposing to Cassidy and settling down to have two kids, which we’ll adopt. We want to be able to create a life together like any other ‘normal’ family and teach our kids that it doesn’t matter who they are, we will still love them.”

“Of course, I want to reconcile with my parents and friends, but I’ve tried and one day hope they will return my calls. I’ve found love that I once dreamed about – and who cares if it’s not ‘traditional’ – we’re happy, and that’s all that matters,” he concluded.

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Source: Daily Mail

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