‘I’m the world’s most modified man – I’ve had my nose and ears cut off’

An extreme body modification fan who has been dubbed ‘Satan’ and ‘the skull’ revealed his latest transformation after he cut off his nose and ears.

Fernando Franco de Oliveira, a 47-year-old Brazilian native, first made headlines when he cut off his ears and nose and got

He has a total of 18 modifications done to himself, including a forked tongue, tattooed eye, vampire teeth, and mutilated ears. Almost 99% of his body is covered in tattoos. 

Recently, Fernando has hot some new body modifications, which he claims were done using a soldering iron.

“I’ve always wanted to be different from society, so I started developing my modifications in 2000,” he said. “That is I started getting tattoos on my body, and by 2014, I was completely covered. I started by tattooing my eyes, then came the implants, ear mutilations, had my nose cut off, put in my vampire teeth, and now, I have my scars.”

De Oliveira, who lives in Tatuí, São Paulo, Brazil revealed his new body modifications on his social media and shocked everyone by claiming the new changes were made with a soldering iron on the right side of his face.

In a viral video clip, Fernando was seen talking to the camera and showing off his new modification while his face still looked red and sore.

The video amassed over 51,000 views and received hundreds of comments from stunned social media users who labeled him ‘satan’, ‘most wicked-looking human’, and ‘the skull.’

“How much do you charge to haunt an eight-bedroom house?” one viewer joked.

“What the f*** is that?” another exclaimed in disgust.

“You are reprimanded in Jesus name,” a fourth added.

“This is the Devil,” said another.

However, Fernando does not bother people’s comments about her looks and said when he goes out in the real world, many people admire his appearance.

“When I go out on the street, I’d say 70% of people think I’m amazing and my modifications are incredible. I have fans ask to take pictures with me too! The other 30% look at me quite strangely, some call me Satan, demon, and some even say I’m going to hell,” he said.

“I believe people who judge me are ignorant and foolish, because the only one in the universe who can judge, is God.”

So far, Fernando has spent an estimated amount of £26,048 on his tattoos, piercings, and other body modifications, and he has no plans to stop anytime soon.

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Source: Daily StarJam Press

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