In 2019, I’m Going To Allow Myself To Be Loved

In 2019, I am going to allow love to come into my life.

I promise that I will no longer be holding on to all of the emotional baggage of the past. I promise that I will let go of everything that has been weighing me down over the years. I’m not going to carry the emotional weight of previous lovers and past mistakes. I am no longer going to keep on punishing myself over my imperfections. I am going to stop telling myself that I don’t deserve love or happiness in this life. I will never allow my inner voice inside to be telling me that I have failed in the past and that’s why I will fail in the future. I’m going to refuse to entertain my insecurities. I am not going to give any of my fears power over me. I will try my best to drown them out. I am going to ignore them and I will try to keep on moving forward. I know that this is what it takes for me to be happy in this life. I know that this is what it takes for me to find love.

In 2019, I’m not going to be putting my guard up every single time someone is going to try to open up to me. I’m not going to have an emotional wall built around me to keep everyone out. I am not going to try to turn away every single person who will try to show me love and devotion. I am not going to deliberately distance myself from every single person I know I can potentially have something special with. I will no longer let my fears dictate whether or not I let a person into my life. I will no longer allow my insecurities talk me out of allowing another person to love me. I am not going to disconnect myself from how I truly feel. And I will no longer stand in my own way. I will not deliberately sabotage my own attempts to find love and peace in this life. I will hold on to the people I love with my tightest grip. I am now in the business of holding on and fighting to keep people in my life. I’m no longer interested in pushing people away and keeping them out. I will stop convincing people that I’m someone who is undeserving of love. And that all starts with me just falling in love with myself first.

In 2019, I am not just going to allow love to come into my life. I’m actually going to make a conscious effort to find love within myself. The next time I look into a mirror, I won’t be so quick to point out all of the flaws that are staring back at me. I won’t be my own worst critique anymore. I won’t keep on tearing myself down and discouraging myself from pursuing the things that I believe I’m deserving of. I will grow to appreciate and cherish the parts of myself that are definitely worth paying attention to. Regardless of whether they are big or small, I will learn to love all the parts of myself; the parts that help make me unique and special. I will embrace all of my quirks and eccentricities because they are a part of defining who I really am. I am going to embrace all of my little flaws and blemishes because they serve as reminders for my humanity. I will celebrate all of my achievements and my successes without any shame or regret. But I will also celebrate all of my shortcomings and mistakes because these are all opportunities for me to learn and grow into the person that I am meant to become.

In the year 2019, I am going to allow myself to open up my heart the way that it needs to be opened – completely. I will no longer hold back. I am always going to remind myself of the times that I missed out on love just because I wasn’t brave enough to pursue it. I will be courageous. I won’t be scared. I won’t back down. I won’t hold back. This is my time. This is my year. And no one is going to be able to take that away from me… not even myself.

This is the year that I will allow love to walk into my life because I am ripe for it. I am ready for it. I know that I am deserving of it. It’s all a matter of me just allowing love to come into my life. I can no longer be my own biggest hurdle. This time, I’m going to be my own hero.

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