In The End, We All Just Want Someone That Chooses Us Over Everyone Else, Under Any Circumstances

All we want is to be appreciated.

At the end of the day, what do we really want out of life and love? What do we really want out of our relationships? Why is it that so many of us are so obsessed with the idea of finding our soulmates? Perhaps it’s because the media that we consume on a daily basis has essentially led us to believe that we need love in our lives in order for us to be people of worth. Maybe it’s because we see our friends falling in love and we don’t want to feel left out, and so we pressure ourselves into finding the love that we think we deserve. Or maybe, it’s just deeply ingrained into our systems as human beings. Maybe we are all hardwired to always crave for and pursue love. Maybe it’s programmed deep into the core of our DNA that human beings are always going to have that desire to love and be loved by someone.

Who knows? All that we really know for sure is that love is a serious matter and it should never be treated like a game. We all have our very serious personal perceptions of what an ideal love looks like and a lot of us never compromise in this. We refuse to settle for anything less than we actually think we deserve. We always try to believe that we are worthy of the love that we want, and for the most part, that’s a good thing. We are clear about our expectations in relationships and so we never try to mislead the people we’re with about what we want. We are honest about our standards for love and we rarely ever compromise in this matter. But that is also where a lot of the complex and complicated things about love lie.

Whenever we meet a person we’re interested in, we get all giddy inside. We try to act on our feelings and we hope for the best. But then we soon realize that this person is going to have a perspective on love that might not really coincide or mesh well with our own. This is where conflict in a lot of relationships can arise. This is where a lot of arguments in relationships stem from. 

Whenever couples start realizing that their individual ideas about love don’t exactly mesh well together, then that can definitely mess up the dynamics of that romance. It’s either both of them have to come to a compromise somehow, or they just call it quits and move on to other things in life. As brutal as it sounds, that’s just the way love works sometimes. It’s a brutal business, but no one ever promised that it would be easy. No one ever said that that love was designed to be simple. Yes, falling in love with someone is natural. But maintaining the love in a relationship is something that really demands a lot from an individual. It requires healthy doses of commitment, strength, fortitude, respect, and patience. No love story could ever have a happy ending with these things. 

So yes, it’s fairly complicated to make a love work. Not only do you need to have a healthy and mature perspective on love, but you also need to be able to find someone whose perspective is going to seamlessly complement your own. You’re also going to have to find this person at a time in your life that is going to allow you the space and freedom to actually pursue your love. And sometimes, even with all of the starts falling into place, a love can still fail.

Yes, love is complicated. It’s not simple at all. But at the end of the day, it can be put into this simple idea: all we really want is someone who is willing to choose us over anything or anyone else every single time. This is a person who is going to want to make things work in the relationship no matter how difficult. This is a person who is willing to make all sorts of compromises just to make sure that you’re both maintaining peace and balance in the relationship. This is a person who is never going to shun you or make you feel like you are unappreciated. 

This is a person who is going to actively listen to everything that you have to say so that you never have to feel like you are being undervalued. This is a person who would willingly drop everything just to run to you whenever you call. This is a person who would place the needs of the relationship above their own. This is the person who is going to do everything just to make you happy; because your happiness also happens to be their happiness as well. This is the person who is going to look at all the challenges and difficulties ahead of you as a couple and say We can do this together.

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