Influencer Addresses Concerns Over Her Decision To Tattoo Boyfriend’s Name On Her Forehead

An influencer, currently residing in Bali and originally from Poland, has responded to critics who suggested she would regret getting her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her forehead. Ana Stanskovsky surprised her thousands of followers on social media with a video showcasing her striking new ink.

Ana shared a video showing the process of having Kevin’s stencil drawn on the upper part of her face. Taking a seat in a chair, she proceeded to have the design inked. In the footage uploaded to her Instagram page, she appeared uncomfortable, squirming and frowning while the needle seemingly penetrated her forehead.

The camera zoomed in as the artist went over the stencil, capturing Ana’s discomfort, then she hurried to the mirror and exclaimed: “Done? Okay, let’s see. Oh my God, I love it. Wow, Kevin’s gonna love it.”

Even though the process might have been painful, she was taken aback by the end result. Her smile was uncontainable as she gazed at herself in the mirror. Concluding the clip, she engaged her followers by asking, “Do you think he will like it?”

The video has garnered over 14.7 million views already, leaving commenters wondering whether the daring tattoo is real or not. Those convinced of its authenticity are cautioning her that she might regret it.

“That’s literally the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen!!!” one user commented.

“He’ll love it! Your next boyfriend will hate it though,” a second wrote.

“As a tattoo artist…. I’d NEVER do this to another human being,” a third said.

“I don’t know who Kevin is, but wherever you are…. Run!” another said.

Skeptical viewers commented with remarks like “Surely this isn’t real” and “People who think this is real have obviously never gotten a tattoo.”

Nevertheless, another individual countered with “I’m covered in tattoos and it looks real to me.”

An astonished commenter expressed, “I was waiting for them to say it’s just a prank but they never did.”

Following the clip’s surge in attention, Ana opted to address the criticism by creating another video in response to the comment: “Wow, you will regret this one day.”

The influencer said to her viewers that even with all the criticism, whenever she looks in the mirror, she feels ‘in love’.

“I’m in love with the tattoo, and I’m in love with my boyfriend. I think if you really love someone, you’ve just got to show it you know, you’ve just got to prove it,” said Ana. “So I think if your girlfriend doesn’t want to tattoo your name on her face, you just need to find yourself a new girlfriend because I don’t think she loves you.”

The influencer continued, “This is the way you’re showing your love, you know. I know many of you said I’m gonna regret that and what if we break up and all of this stuff, all of this horrible stuff and I just wanna say this is how I’m expressing my feelings so if I love someone, I’m doing this.”

“I’m loving it, I’m definitely never gonna regret that. How can I regret this? It’s beautiful.”

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