Influencer Asks Man to Move off Bench While Filming a Video, but He Refuses

“The most British argument ever.”

A video clip has become viral on social media in which a fitness influencer argues with a random man to move off a park bench because she was filming a video and didn’t want anyone in the background.

In the 2 minutes 50 seconds clip with more than 50 million views on Twitter, the fitness influencer could be seen recording herself in a park.

“Hi, guys, I’ve just been for my morning run, so I just run 5k today,” she said.

She told her followers that she has been eating healthy and staying hydrated, but it’s a little hard to keep going since the weather is very cold these days.

“But….” As she said “but,” a man came and sit on the bench behind her.

“Just one second,” she said as she approached the man to ask him to move elsewhere.

“Excuse me, I’m just filming here and you’re in the shot?” she said to the man to which he replied, “And?”

She then politely asked the man to move off the bench but he said no and the two started arguing for straight 2 minutes.

“So, you’re just in the shot, that’s all, and I am just filming,” she told him.

“And?” the man asked again.

“I am asking you politely to find a bench right over there,” the woman pointed out with her hand at some other bench.

The man told her that he sits on that bench every day and there’s plenty of room in the park, so she should move her camera instead of asking him to move from his spot.

“I can’t move it because it’s on a tripod,” she said.

“Look, I’m just waiting for a phone call,” the man interrupted.

“Is it all right if you just sit on the bench over there?” the influencer asked again.

“No, it’s not all right,” the man said.

“But you’re like on my live stream and everyone can see you on it,” she told him but he insisted that she should move along with her camera.

“Well, I can’t move because I’m on a live stream,” the woman told him.

“My legs are resting anyways so yeah I am a little bit tired,” the man said, ignoring her request completely.

“Come on, I am asking you nicely,” she said.

“I know you are,” he replied. “I am actually replying nicely as well.”

When the woman told him he would be online because her followers could see him, the man said he did not care.

“Well, you’re kind of ruing it, aren’t you?” she asked him.

“What, my face is ruining your shot?” he asked.

The man then told the woman to behave herself.

The woman then told him that her followers wouldn’t want to see an old man sitting on a bench in her video.

“Oh, I’m an old man now, are you bringing ageist into it, now? Love.” The man said.

“Go back to school,” he told the influencer.

The argument continued and the man didn’t move. Eventually, after arguing for two whole minutes, the influencer came back to turn off her camera and said, “Sorry about this, guys.”

More than 32,000 people on Twitter have retweeted the video, and over 12,000 have quote-retweeted it.

And the comment section is filled with hilarious responses.

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  1. Both of them claimed right anyways,

    She would’ve moved on when she noticed the man wasn’t yielding.
    That’s where she’s wrong and egoist.

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