Influencer Breaks Down in Tears After Act of Kindness Rejected

A TikToker was left in tears after she went to the grocery store to pay for strangers’ items, but they refused her offer.

Amelia Goldsmith from London went to the Sainsbury store intending to pay for someone’s shopping cart to cheer someone up, but no one allowed her to, which made her really sad and teary-eyed.

In a now-viral TikTok video, Goldsmith can be seen standing inside the grocery store waiting for someone to offer them a helping hand by paying for their groceries, but all the customers she approached refused to let her pay for their cart.

“I just hope they don’t look at me thinking I’m some weirdo,” Amelia said in the video that over 1 million people on TikTok have viewed.

When she offered to pay for one man’s food shopping, he asked “why” and simply refused saying “we don’t need it,” and according to Amerlia, he looked angry as he said no.

The fitness influencer then approached another woman with the same offer, but she also refused.

“I felt so judged and embarrassed lol,” Goldsmith wrote.

“There are a lot more deserving people in the world” one woman told Goldsmith after she offered to pay for her food shopping.

“I was expecting the first person to be like, overjoyed and grateful and happy for me to pay for their shopping, but obviously that didn’t go down well,” she said in her TikTok video.

The TikToker then bought some pasta and jarred sauces from the store and put them in its food bank.

“God bless you,” someone said in the background as she put the items in the food bank.

“Oh my God, that was stressful guys, that was really stressful,” she told her followers after stepping out of the store. “I felt really like in panic mode I don’t know why I just felt like I was expecting someone to be… I was expecting the first person to be like you know overjoyed and grateful and happy for me to pay for their shopping but obviously that didn’t go well.”

She added, “I was a little bit like taken aback. I think I’m going to cry to be honest. And like the second person looked at me like I was some kind of absolute idiot and weirdo. She didn’t say anything. But she was really like “no, no, no” sort of stern.”


in hindsight i can see why people can react differently to this, but my intentions were purely to brighten up someones day💕 i’m still super happy with what I ended up doing and i’ll do more of it for sure #storytime #vlog #makesomeonesday #foodshop

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“I’m going to cry. I’m just really overwhelmed right now. It was a big challenge for me because I find social situations really hard, especially when I’m bringing lots of attention to myself. I don’t like that.”

The clip received over 80,000 likes on TikTok and nearly 5,000 comments. The comment section was filled with mixed opinions.

“I mean I wouldn’t like it either. I’d feel belittled,” one wrote.

“I can tell how difficult you found that Its almost like rejection, which isnt nice for anybody. Good on you for donating to the food bank.. amazing,” a second said.

“I think in the future maybe give the people at the tills the money to anonymously cover the next persons bill?? I think people feel awkward/ get weird,” a third commented.

“Maybe if you ask people who are in the aisles in the process of shopping? I feel like people may be more friendly to someone approaching them there?” someone wrote.

“Such a nice gesture but probs go to one of the discounters rather than sainsbos! Lovely idea though,” added another.

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