Influencer Gains Thousands of Instagram Followers Who Don’t Realize She’s AI 

Milla Sofia, a stunning 19-year-old blonde, has become an internet sensation with over 100,000 followers on social media. Her captivating photos in revealing outfits are causing quite a stir online.

The AI model has over 12,000 followers on her verified Twitter (Now X) account, nearly 52,000 followers on Instagram, and over 90,000 on TikTok, where she posts her alluring photos in skimpy outfits while soaking sun in Greece, Bora Bora, and on million-dollar yachts.

Despite Milla’s social media accounts clearly telling people in her bio description that she is an AI-generated bot, thousands of people have been deceived into believing that she is a real person.

“You should enter the Miss World competition, I’m sure you’ll win,” one man wrote on her Instagram photo.

“Wow, you look fabulous, you’re a beautiful young woman,” said another. 

Meanwhile, a third noted, “You are the perfect female.”

When you look through her Instagram photos, it’s almost difficult to believe that she isn’t a real person. In fact, you wouldn’t be wrong to think that she just has a strong love for filters and Photoshop.

“Welcome to my virtual realm! I am not your ordinary influencer; I am a 19-year-old woman residing in Finland, but here’s the twist — I’m an AI-generated virtual influencer,” her website says. “As a fashion model, I bring an unparalleled and futuristic perspective to the realm of style. Whether it’s the catwalk or the digital landscape, my passion lies in showcasing the latest trends and pushing the boundaries in the ever-evolving fashion industry.”

On July 19, Milla shared a picture of herself wearing a white bikini on a balcony in Santorini. The post playfully mentioned how she’s enjoying the paradise of Santorini. Many users left flattering comments, praising her beauty and looks.

However, among the numerous compliments, one observant user noticed something peculiar about the image – the fingers. AI systems often struggle to recreate realistic human hands, and this discrepancy is a clear indicator that the photo might be digitally altered.

“If AI is already this good, we are all doomed,” someone wrote on one of her photos on Twitter.

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