Influencer Got Her Knee Cartilage Removed, Put it in Spaghetti Bolognese and Ate it

She legit ate her meniscus.

Spanish influencer Paula Gonu recently made a bizarre revelation and shocked fans by claiming she and her boyfriend ate part of her knee in spaghetti bolognese.

The 30-year-old content creator is quite popular on Instagram and has two million people following her. Recently, Gonu appeared on 113 Podcast, and told the host she had undergone an operation to remove her knee cartilage from a previous injury.

Before the surgery, Paula asked for local anesthesia to remain awake during the operation. “(The doctor) used a camera. He operated through two holes, and it was all up on the screen,” Paula explained in Spanish.

Once the procedure was done, the doctors asked her if she wanted to keep her extracted meniscus.

“I told him ‘Yes,'” Gonu said on the podcast. “I asked the surgeon to put it in alcohol so it would stay that way for as long as I wanted.”

A week later, she and her partner were having a random conversation, and she brought up the topic of her surgery and said she wanted to eat her knee cartilage because she wanted it to be reinserted into her body.

Surprisingly, her boyfriend agreed, and Paula cooked spaghetti bolognese, put it in, and they both ate it.

“I told him I wanted to eat it because it was part of me and I had to put it back in my body,” said Paula. “He asked, “but why do you want to eat it?” I answered, “why not? It’s not going to hurt me”,” she added. 

“So, then I made a Bolognese sauce, I added it in, and I ate it. I wanted to be able to say in my head that I’ve eaten a piece of my own meniscus.”

According to Paula, all around the world, people eat bones, cartilage, and other parts of ‘worst animals,’ so why would it be weird for her to eat her knee cartilage?

Reacting to Gonu’s story on TikTok and YouTube, people were divided in their opinions – while the majority expressed shock and disgust, others branded her as ‘weird and crazy.’

“At what point did I decide that it was a good idea to watch this over dinner?” one person asked.

“What in the fresh hell is this?” a second asked.

“Did they wash it down with a nice Chianti?” asked another.

“I almost threw up a thousand times in the first few minutes talking about food,” one grossed-out user commented.

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Source: 113 Podcast

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