Influencer Says She Makes Her Boyfriend Pay Rent for Overnight Stays

A woman named Marystella ‘Malle’ Gómez from Colombia has caused a big argument by sharing that she asks her boyfriend to pay rent when he stays over on weekends at her place.

She recently talked about this surprising arrangement on the Los Platos Sucios podcast, hosted by Ana María Cardona, along with another influencer named Isabela Rivera. Malle mentioned that she asks her boyfriend to pay for each weekend they spend together at her place, and this disclosure has stirred up a lot of discussion.

“He stays over on weekends, and I still charge my fee. ‘I mean, are the services here free? Is the water here free? I don’t see anything wrong with it,” she said.

The other women made it clear to Malle that they disagreed with her actions. However, Malle insisted that she had persuaded her friends to do the same thing with their partners.

Continuing the debate, she referred to a video she had seen on social media, stating, “If a man is not helping you have a better financial life, then what are you doing?”

However, the other women argued that they would be very upset if their partners charged them to stay at their homes.

“If a guy ever charges me a fee, forget it,” said Ana Maria.

“I couldn’t be maintained, I’d get bored,” commented Isabella.

Listeners quickly took to social media to discuss the idea, and the majority disagreed with Malle’s position.

“No, it’s like if my boyfriend charged me every time he picked me up and took me home,” one person commented.

Another person criticized her actions as “extreme stinginess.” However, some people supported the Colombian influencer’s perspective.

“Before we lived together, mine would always stay from Thursday to Monday, someone wrote. “One day I told him he had to pay for utilities, and so it was done.”

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Source: Daily Mail

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