Influencer Says Her Beauty is Making it Difficult to Find Her a Boyfriend

Chilean TikToker Michelle Peint has sparked interest by revealing her struggle to find a date. She believes her remarkable beauty might be intimidating to men. The content creator, who boasts over 271,000 followers on TikTok, gained attention recently for discussing the challenges she faces in finding the right partner.

“I want to talk about how difficult it is for me to find a partner when I’m pretty,” She shared in a TikTok video titled ‘The Curse of Being Beautiful,’ which has garnered over 19 million times on the platform.

Peint talked about an experience where a man seemed unsure about starting a conversation with her and revealed, “It is very difficult for a man to approach me and talk to me. One time, I dared to ask the guy, do you like me or did I draw your attention, why didn’t you approach me and he told me this … just look at yourself and look at me. You look super unattainable. I was like what?”

The entrepreneur mentioned that people often assume her Instagram messages are flooded with requests from guys eager to ask her out, suggesting she should have a date every day due to her attractive looks.

“And literally the only person I talk to the most on WhatsApp is my mom,” she said in her TikTok video. “And when a man approaches me, he is usually too shy. Very, very shy or you can tell that he is nervous talking to me. They also tell me a lot that you are very pretty, they must tell you that very often. No!”

The small business owner believes that as a result, ‘beautiful women’ often end up connecting with men who are ‘not as attractive as’ they are.

“Because these types of men are the ones who dare, the ones who have more personality, and the ones who are not ashamed to be themselves. A lot of confidence you could say or self-love,” she added.

The content creator says her solution to the problem of not having dates is to encourage men to approach women who are as beautiful as she is.

“So, I want to call on all those guys. If you see a pretty girl, you like her, she catches your attention, don’t be self-conscious,” she continued. “Ask her for her Instagram, ask her for her number, write to her and she is the one who will make the decision to tell you, look yes, let’s talk or not, I’m not interested.”

“I feel like they take the step of I’m going to dare to write to you, and well, let’s see what happens. If the woman rejects you, that’s fine, you tried. But you tried. Don’t be drawn away by appearances,” she concluded.

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Source: TikTok

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