Inseparable Couple Died in House Fire While Renovating ‘Forever Home’ Ahead of Wedding

A couple who were planning to get married next year died in a horror fire while they were renovating their ‘forever home’.

Rebecca Foster, 32, and her fiancé Kieran Naylor, 33, were pulled from a blaze at their house on Delph Lane in Daresbury, Cheshire, in December 2022.

According to the Cheshire Police, both Rebecca and Kieran suffered serious injuries and were rushed to the Warrington and Whiston hospitals in critical condition.

Sadly, they could not survive and passed away from their injuries – Rebecca died two later, followed by Kieran two weeks later on Boxing Day.

“An inquest into their deaths in Warrington on Monday heard they had been together for ten years and were due to get married in Cyprus in 2024,” per Daily Mail.

Rebecca’s dad told the hearing that his daughter and Naylor made a sweet couple and were practically inseparable.

“They were massively in love. They spent all of their time together,” he said.

“The inquest in Warrington heard how the pair were renovating what was “meant to be their forever home,” where they would live with their dog Skye and cat Nyla who were “like their children,” Liverpool Echo reported.

Mr. Foster said the pair bought the house in August 2021, and Kieran, a cable jointer, was carrying out 90% of the renovation himself.

He said that some rooms in the house were ‘back to brick’ and the garden was the only thing completed.

He recalled that the police asked him to go to the hospital as his daughter was in critical condition after being pulled from the blaze.

“They were keeping her hooked on machines. It was that point we knew she was going to die,” said Mr. Foster.

Meanwhile, Kieran’s dad, Mr. Naylor, his son loved Rebecca very much and they got engaged in 2022. The pair was due to get married in 2024.

He recalled being told that his son was severely injured after the house fire and was likely to ‘succumb to his injuries.’

Kieran Naylor underwent three major operations before his passing.

As reported by The Mirror, “Fire investigator Jonathan Hill previously told the inquest that a cause of the fire could not be determined due to the property being “unsafe” and the extensive damage caused.”

“However, it was likely to have started in the ground floor lounge room or gaming room, which was under renovation.”

Police and fire crews stated there was no third-party involvement.

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Source: The Mirror – Daily Mail

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  1. So wtf happened and how did they not escape?? I dont understand how such a young couple would not be able to wake up and get away from the fire. And what was it from? A candle?? An electric problem?? But he was a cable connector, he should have had no problem electrically. What do u think happened? How long has the fire been burning when the fire department got there?

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