Intense Love Doesn’t Measure, It Just Gives

Yes, love is going to be a give and take but it’s always going to be a big emphasis on the give.

There is a lot to be said about how love is always going to be a give and take. Love is supposed to be suspended in a harmonious balance if it is going to be last. But what exactly is love and where can we go to find it? As much as possible, we try to look for love in the places where it is most likely to exist. And when we find it, we fight like hell to try and get it and we fight even harder just to keep it. But sometimes, no matter how much effort we put into it, love can still end up releasing itself from our grip. 

So what is it exactly that makes love stay? How do we make sure that love never leave us again? We know that it can be incredibly painful and difficult to have to bear with heartbreak and so we always try to make sure that whenever we do find love, it should never leave us. But that’s always the tricky part. We have been told so many things about love and we don’t know what to believe in anymore. Is it true that if we look for love in the right places, then that’s the only time that love ever lasts? Is it impossible to make a love last if we find it in the wrong place? Is a lack of love going to be a factor in determining the strength of a relationship? If so, then why is a surplus of love still not enough to sustain a romance on its own?

Love can feel very simple and very easy; and yet, it is also the most complex, mysterious, and complicated phenomenon in the entire world. It has the power to be both everything and nothing like we could ever expect it to be. It has the power to be the strongest force for good and also the strongest force for pain. Love has the power to make us hold on to the memories of the past while simultaneously have eyes for the future. Love also allows us to live in the present and to savor each moment as it comes. Love is what heightens our senses and it also has the power to dull our reason. Love is what makes us want to be smart, but it can often lead us to making the wrong decisions.

Love can mean so many things to so many people, and that’s okay. No one love is ever going to be the same and that’s what makes each loving experience so special. That’s what makes each romantic experience so unique and worthy of our attention. That’s why so many people still choose to pursue love even if it has failed them time and time again. They know that each romantic encounter is going to be an opportunity for a new experience that they would not want to miss out on. That’s why so many people love, lose, and still choose to love again. And that’s always the perfect mindset to have going into a new love. You should always be looking to face new love with the kind of enthusiasm and excitement of a child entering an amusement park for the first time. You should always be looking to face a new love with the kind of thoughtfulness and generosity that is just rare to find these days. You should always be looking to enter a new love as a willing participant; as someone who is willing to give everything and expect nothing in return. Because essentially, that’s what love is going to be.

Yes, love is going to be a give and take but it’s always going to be a big emphasis on the give. You have to give your all to a love and you can’t always be keeping score. You can’t be expecting that everything you give will be returned back to you. Love is not some kind of financial investment that you make into a business or an idea. Love is not a place where you can reap dividends from on a consistent basis. Love is going to be something that you pour your heart and soul into without the promise of a return. Love is something that you must always be willing to take a chance on. Love is something that you must pursue with utmost relentlessness and resilience. Love is something that you must open yourself up to if you really want to make things work. Love is always something that you need to be patient and understanding with. You can never demand as much from love as what you demand from yourself. It doesn’t work that way. True love is always going to be about giving without measure, without condition, without expectation. Love is just about how much of yourself you are actually willing to put in.

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