Internet Slammed Mia Khalifa for Not Respecting the Queen

Former adult actress and now-Content creator Mia Khalifa sparked an online debate by speaking ill of the monarchy and the late Queen.

While the entire world mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Khalifa, currently visiting the UK, doesn’t seem to care about the long-reigning monarch’s passing and the Royal events going on before her funeral on the 19th of September. 

Recently, the 29-year-old OnlyFans model took to her social media and shared a post that raised many eyebrows and attracted criticism.

Mia shared a video clip from one of Anthony Bourdain’s TV shows where the men around the American chef cheered their glasses with one saying, “To the Queen.”

To which Bourdain responded, “No, I hate the aristocracy man.”

The model shared the clip on her Instagram account and wrote a caption,

“Me right now as I sit in a car for 3.5 hours to a shoot bc [because] of traffic from the queen having died peacefully due to being as old as the Magna Carta.”

Later she shared multiple photos of herself chilling in England, which confirmed to fans that the social media personality is on the British land right now but not paying her respects to the late Queen.

After her post on TikTok and Instagram, netizens called out the Lebanese-American adult film star for being selfish and making things everything about herself.

“Never mind, stop thinking about yourself for a change,” a person wrote on Twitter.

In the aftermath of her Instagram post, where Mia is posing and chilling alongside a red telephone box – London’s most famous identity, people called her out on her disrespectful behavior toward the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family.

“a nuclear era, but I have no fear,” Mia’s caption read on Instagram.

“Actually very disrespectful to show a telephone box which isn’t in full mourning dress right now,” journalist Ash Sarkar replied to her post on Twitter.

In response, Mia also penned a comment under her Tweet and wrote,

“I know now – tweet sent from Tower of London.”

Some other people also shared their opinions about the adult star’s insensitive behavior during this time of mourning.

“Better tell her not to travel by car on Remembrance Sunday then,” a user wrote.

“Lol, why is she so bit**y? Better stay quiet if you can’t utter a good word…. Let alone shed a tear. The Royals are much much better than her. She is indignified and horrible.” An angry British commented.

“Could have always got out the back of the taxi and walked. Didn’t even look like a real taxi anyway.” Another user said.

“The Queen > Mia Khalifa! She will literally do anything for money and expects the whole UK to stop mourning because she had to wait in traffic. Go back where you came from,” someone else said.

“The Queen had dignity, and Mia doesn’t have it. Lol, everything is fake about her!” wrote another.

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