5 Intimate Ways To Actively Become Closer To Your Partner

Intimacy doesn’t always have to be all about sex.

Truthfully speaking, at the center of any healthy relationship is always going to be the palpable intimacy that is shared between two people. Well, at least, ideally speaking. However, intimacy isn’t always something that two people can sustain with one another.

This is especially true as the relationship learns to stabilize itself and settle into something of a routine. Yes, when two people first get together, everything is great. This is the honeymoon phase. This is the part of the relationship where everything just seems perfect and nothing can possibly go wrong.

There is so much love and adoration here – and it seems like it’s never going to come to an end. There is an abundance of excitement and exhilaration in the relationship as two people are navigating their feelings with one another.

But then the dust clears and the relationship actually starts to gain a sense of structure. The relationship develops a sort of rhythm for itself – and with that rhythm comes a sense of stability. However, with that stability, the exhilaration and excitement are often compromised to a degree.

And the intimacy seems to dwindle down as well. And if left unchecked or ignored, that could spell potential doom for a relationship.

The first thing that you should do whenever you start to notice that the intimacy in your relationship is diminishing is not to panic. You shouldn’t be thinking that your relationship is doomed. You have to understand that this is normal. This happens to all couples over time – especially those who are in long-term relationships.

This is something that you are going to have to learn upfront so that you don’t get flustered or disappointed when it starts happening to you. You have to embrace the idea that your relationship is dynamic – it is constantly changing and evolving. And you have to make sure that you are growing along with it.

When you first get into a relationship with a person, intimacy isn’t always going to be so difficult. In fact, a lot of people will say that intimacy comes most easily during the early stages of a romance. It’s going to feel completely natural and organic.

It’s going to feel like something you don’t have to force at all. It’s a strong emotional bond and connection between two distinct individuals. It’s almost an electric kind of energy that takes over two people who are just starting to fall in love with each other. That’s what intimacy is always supposed to look like in early relationships.

But what is intimacy supposed to look like down the line? Is it the same? Does it evolve as well? Does it give you the same feelings as before? Or are the feelings completely different this time around.

Well, to put it bluntly, relationships down the line will still require heavy doses of intimacy. But intimacy isn’t going to take the same shape as it once did. Intimacy is going to be built on mutual respect, honesty, effort, and trust.

You’re going to have to WORK for intimacy in your relationship the longer that you stay together as a couple. You’re going to have to put much more effort into strengthening that emotional connection that the both of you share. And it’s important to stress that you continuously work on it for as long as you stay together.

The moment that you decide to be complacent; the moment that you take each other for granted is when your intimacy is going to die a slow and painful death. And you don’t want that for your relationship. So if you’re looking for intimate ways to stay closer to your partner no matter how long you’ve been together, then you’ve come to the right place:

1. Have a bedtime routine that you both share.

Go to bed together as much as possible. There’s something so intimate about two people just choosing to start and end a day together. It’s like you both take on the whole world on your own, but you can always look forward to just laying in bed with one another at the end of a long day.

2. Don’t be afraid to talk about the best and happiest moments of your relationship.

It’s a great way to remind yourselves of the best feelings and moments that you’ve shared as a couple. But also make sure to not get caught up in the past either.

3. Understand each other’s expectations and do your best to meet them.

It’s really about communicating your needs to one another. You must always make it a point to let the other know when something is wrong; or when something just isn’t right. It’s the only way the two of you can really make each other happy.

4. Give each other gifts often.

Because… who doesn’t love gifts?

5. Never neglect your love of self.

Remember, you must always be giving your partner a reason to love you. And that all starts with you being able to love yourself. Always make sure that you take care of yourself. Present yourself as a human being who is worthy of your partner’s love.

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