iPhone 14 automatically Called and Alerted Police to a Tragic Car Accident in Nebraska

“The new crash detection feature on the iPhone 14 alerted police to a tragic wreck on Sunday that left all six young passengers in the vehicle dead,” Daily Mail reported.

On Sunday, October 2, six people lost their lives in a tragic car crash when a black Honda Accord rammed into a tree in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The incident happened around 2 AM at 56th & Randolph Street in the city and killed five people on the spot. One injured woman was taken to the hospital, where the doctors gave her emergency treatment. However, she couldn’t survive and died later.

According to WOWT, a local news outlet, the police described the accident as the ‘worst crash in Lincoln in recent memory.’

“Sadly, the woman who was transported to the hospital has succumbed to the injuries she sustained in the crash,” the Lincoln Police Department wrote in their statement.

“At 2:16 AM today, October 2, Lincoln Police Officers responded to a 911 call from an iPhone recording indicating the owner of the phone was in a severe crash and was not responding to their phone. When officers arrived, they found the car, believed to be a black Honda Accord, had been eastbound near the intersection. Preliminarily, it appears it crossed the roadway and struck a tree in a yard on the north side of Randolph St.”

“Lincoln Fire and Rescue personnel took one occupant, a 24-year-old woman, to the hospital in life-threatening condition. The remaining five occupants who were pronounced on scene were men. The driver was 26 years old. One passenger was 21, one was 23 and two victims were 22 years old.”

“We are working to notify the families of the deceased and request privacy for them as they grieve. We extend our condolences to their families and friends.”

It is still not clear what actually caused the crash; however, the police stated that the group of people was driving back home at that hour.

The accident occurred in the front yard of Brad Bartak, a resident in Lincoln.

Speaking to WOWT, Brad said, “I noticed that there was actually a fire coming from the engine. . . I basically grabbed the garden hose and ran it up to the car, and we were dousing it.”

Emergency crews worked on the scene for at least five hours after the terrible crash.

Kayla, the sister of one of the victims, talked to the WOWT and said that her brother was an amazing human being.

“Life is so short. In the blink of an eye, the world is just shattering around you.” 

“He was the most amazing person you’d ever meet.”

The grieving sister later shared a heartbreaking post on her Facebook and wrote a touching tribute.

“As I’m sitting in your bedroom mustering enough strength to write something so beautiful for you nothing I say will bring you back or show the entire universe just how amazing you are!”

“My heart and my families are shattered into a million pieces! We are all beyond devastated, our entire world blew up like a bomb in a blink of an eye,” she added.

The newest iPhone 14 features a sensor with a high-G-force accelerometer that detects if the user has been in an accident like a ‘collision, side impact, and rollovers.’

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