iPhone 14’s Crash Detection Feature Helps Man Find His Wife Before Ambulance

A man found his wife after she crashed her car – thanks to the iPhone’s new crash detection feature.

The Apple user described the incident in a Reddit post and said he was on a phone call with his wife when he heard her scream. Within a few seconds, her iPhone notified him about her car crash and sent him the exact location.

The man with username u/unclescorpion explained the entire incident on Reddit and wrote, “Earlier today, while I was talking to my wife on the phone as she drove home from the store, I heard her scream, and the line went dead.”

“Within several seconds, I received a notification from her iPhone telling me that she had been in a crash and giving me her exact location. I rush over there and was there before the ambulance arrived, which her phone had called.”

The OP said that the accident occurred because a distracted driver slammed his vehicle into his wife’s car.

“Turns out a distracted driver crossed the center line and slammed into my wife’s car head-on. Both her and the other driver are OK and are both recovering,” he continued.

People who witnessed the incident rushed to see if OP’s wife was okay and even asked her to give them his number so they could call him and inform him about the incident, but she was so shaken that she couldn’t even speak properly.

“Witnesses tried to call me, but she was so shook up that she wasn’t able to give them my phone number correctly. I only knew because her Apple device told me and I was there for her when she got in the ambulance.”

The man said that only the iPhone with the crash detection feature enabled him to locate his wife within minutes and reach the site of the accident.

He also expressed his gratitude to Apple for introducing this new life-saving feature that saves people from a lot of stress and unnecessary hassle other than saving their lives.

“If not for her iPhone, I never would have known, and I would’ve been left wondering what had happened and worrying. I cannot express my appreciation enough for that crash detection feature.”

Users on Reddit were relieved to learn that OP’s wife was unharmed, and many applauded Apple for the new feature that is actually very useful.

“I cannot imagine being in that situation. That’s both scary and a relief to know she’s okay. Have to give credit where it’s due. . . Apple really did a great job with this one,” one wrote.

“I’m glad she is ok. People keep dissing Apple for marketing features they way they do, and for showing examples of people saved by the Apple Watch etc. But I think even ONE life saved justifies all of this,” said another.

“Excellent feature! Glad she’s ok!” a third user commented.

Another Reddit user shared their own experience in the comment section and wrote, “A friend of my family was walking his toddler in a stroller during a wind storm. A branch fell out of one of the trees and hit him in the head, knocking him unconscious (his kid was unharmed, thanks to the stroller). His watch detected that he had fallen, alerted his wife, and called an ambulance. SOS and fall detection are life savers.”

The newest iPhone 14 features a sensor with a high-G-force accelerometer that detects if the user has been in an accident like a ‘collision, side impact, and rollovers.’

According to Apple, this feature works on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE (2nd generation), and Apple Watch Ultra with the latest version of iOS and watchOS.

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Sources: Reddit

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