Is He Over His Ex? Here are 12 Signals You Should Be Looking Out For

Break-ups can make for very tricky situations for both parties involved. Are you interested in a guy who’s just recently gone through a bad break-up? Are you dating a guy who you suspect of still being in love with his ex? These are some very difficult questions to answer. However, you don’t need to fret. There are some very easy signals that you could pick up to know the answer.

Discover if he’s over his ex by taking note of these blatant signs right now.

1. He’s Over Her: He’s genuinely happy for her

Take this situation. His friends bring up some current news about his ex regarding her career advancement or a new relationship he’s in. If he expresses genuine happiness for her, then that’s a good sign that he’s most likely over their break-up.

2. He’s Not Over Her: Uses bitter language

Take the same situation in the previous item on this list, and see if he takes another approach. If he expresses bitter language and uses negative words to describe his feelings about the situation, then that’s a red flag that he’s probably not over her yet. Retaining bad thoughts about someone can be an obvious sign of not moving on.

3. He’s Over Her: He’s burned bridges

He’s blocked her on Facebook. He’s deleted her cellphone number from his cellphone. He no longer has pictures of her in his camera roll. He’s unfollowed her on Twitter and Instagram. That might be a good sign that he’s really getting over her. He’s basically saying he no longer cares about getting in touch with her.

4. He’s Not Over Her: They remain friends

This is a very slippery slope. There are lots of couples who try to maintain friendships after break-ups, but it’s fairly obvious that feelings are still there for a lot of them. If they remain friends after a break-up, it could be very troubling. Maybe a case could be made for people who were actual friends before they got into a relationship, buy you’re going to have to tread lightly with this area. – Continue reading on the next page

5. He’s Over Her: He never mentions her

If he never brings her up voluntarily during conversations, then that’s a sign that he barely thinks about her at all. The idea of her and them being together no longer consumes his thoughts and so he ends up never talking about her. He’s moved on and his mind is preoccupied by other ideas.

6. He’s Not Over Her: He’s always bashing her

Bashing isn’t a good sign for moving on. This just goes to show that he has so much negative energy built up within him over time for her. It also goes to show that she’s constantly holding occupation in his mind and in his heart. No one who has moved on healthily will carry vulgar hatred for someone they’ve moved on from.

7. He’s Over Her: He carries positive vibes

Another subtle indication of someone moving on from a relationship is when he no longer carries any negative baggage on him. You notice that he’s emanating an aura of peace and contentedness about the whole situation. He might even be genuinely happy and have nice things to say about his ex or his breakup.

8. He’s Not Over Her: He still brings up memories of them together

If you find yourself dating a guy who’s always bringing up memories of himself and his ex, just run and end things as quickly as you can. When he talks about moments he used to share with his ex, then that is a blatant indication that he’s still carrying thoughts of them together. It makes you wonder whether he regrets their break-up or not.В – Continue reading on the next page

9. He’s Over Her: He declares his availability

If he’s making very boisterous efforts to declare his new status as an available bachelor, then that’s a good sign that he’s probably over his ex. It means he’s ready to move on to better things and is most likely looking to get serious with another girl. Guys who are really over their exes will be confident enough to put themselves out there and explore the realms of dating once again.

10. He’s Not Over Her: He makes an effort to still be around her

If he’s always asking his friends about the latest updates regarding his ex, then that’s a bad sign. But it’s another level of bad when he deliberately makes an effort to try to be around her. It means that he still thinks he could win her back or that he doesn’t want to let go of his hold of her at all.

11. He’s Over Her: He gets into another relationship

There may not be any other signs more indicative of someone moving on from an ex than this one. When he’s getting into the dating scene once again, it means that he’s ready to move on from all his old feelings and his old memories. It means that he’s ready to make new memories and establish new ties with someone new.

12. He’s Not Over Her: He still reaches out to her

This is the single most obvious and most blatant sign of not moving on at all. If you find him constantly trying to get in touch with her, then that means he’s really not over her. He still cares about her and about what she thinks of him. He wants to know her thoughts and feelings about the situation, and whether she feels the same way as him.

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  1. In a relationship with a guy I’d met over two years ago. I am a widow & he is divorced. He says his last wife had ask for a divorce, because she didn’t want to be married anymore. This was his 4th wife. He has 1 dtr by his 1st wife, that only lasted about a year. 2 sons & a dtr by his 2nd wife, that lasted about 6 yrs. None with the last 2. He was married almost 10 yrs with the last one. I was married to my first husband for 45 & half yrs before he passed away. This new guy and talked about getting married, little over a yr ago. We had planned a little wedding for this past spring… Then, he wanted to postpone it until this fall. When we could better afford it. Now, it’s like he don’t know if he wants to get married again. It would probably be cheaper just to live together & share our expenses. Then recently, I discovered that he’s been talking and texting his last ex-wife. I caught him texting back and forth with her while we were at home watching a movie…. He was sitting beside me! He knew how I felt about keeping exes as friends & on speed-dial! We talked about that before we had ever talked about marriage. So now I’m thinking that his recent re-conection with his ex, was behind his decision to postpone the wedding? Or the reason he just needs a roomate right now!?! When I addressed the issue, he said they would never get back together. But he also made another statement to his sister that I overheard…. That he lived “____” (the last ex) like he had never loved anyone else. His sister even reprimanded him for saying that,, and ask if I heard his say “That”? He knew I’d heard, maybe he wanted me to hear That. I had dated another guy whose ex called him once while we were out for dinner… I never dated this guy again!

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