Is It Ever OK to Read Your Life Partner’s Texts and Emails?

We’d never thought that a time would come where we would have to explain why snooping around in your lover’s emails and text messages would be a negative. But, then here we are! So since we are going to play captain obvious today might as well put some effort into it. Here are some primary arguments on why you shouldn’t spy on your Partner’s personal messages.
Number one; if you really feel that your partner isn’t trustworthy and they might be cheating on you should have some sort of substantial evidence before you take any action. Now listen, if you go into their phone and you don’t find anything, what do you think is going to happen?
Oh, you don’t know? Let us tell you. You will be sending a message to your man/woman that you don’t trust her/him, end of story. And even if you think that they won’t think about it that way, you’re wrong. A very small percentage of people don’t get mad at the thought of their partner having trust issues with them. And whether is your partner one of them or not you shouldn’t take the risk to find out.
Second; it is their personal matter! Just because you are in a relationship with someone doesn’t automatically give you the right to mess around in their private life. You need to show some level of respect for your significant other. You may not realize it but having your partner go through your phone so they can catch you cheat is very embarrassing even to the people that are entirely innocent.
And before you exit out of this web page, yes it is all about respect. You meddling in matters that don’t concern you is a matter of respect. Just think how you would feel if something like this happened to you?
Understand that your partner is free to have a life outside of you. They can have friends that you don’t know and so can you. So if you are curious about someone, try asking them first and if you feel uncomfortable by a particular person just say it to their face. It is the most mature way to handle things. Tell them that there is a person that makes you feel at unease and can they avoid them if possible. A compromise is what you need to be going for not a SWAT ambush.
Third; if you are in a relationship where you need to constantly check up on your lover’s personal messages to feel safe and content than you are in the wrong relationship. If you can’t give your partner the benefit of the doubt, then you really need to rethink your approach to love my friend.
There can be a number of reasons as to why you feel this way. And yes one of that reasons may very well be that your partner is cheating. But before do anything rash you need to be completely sure or at least 90% sure that they are.
There are other ways to tell you to know, and you don’t have to snoop on their phone to find out.
We understand that these things might seem trivial while you have the thought of your love stabbing you in the back. However, such rational might be the only thing standing between you and the end of your relationship. You do know that if you try this with your partner more than once, they will eventually find out. And no matter how understanding anyone it can still be a tormenting thought to think that the person you share a bed with doesn’t trust you.
So before you go all CIA on his phone ask yourself why you think their phone should be searched. Why is it that you feel so uncomfortable? Was it something recent that caused it? Can you discuss it with your partner?
Most people are able to tell if their partners are lying, especially ones that have quite a few years under their belt. Use that to your advantage and be direct about it.
Because if you do choose to look into their messages not only will you lose their respect but at times your mind will morph a convo to something you wanted to find.
Relationships need love and desire no doubt. However, you can’t say you love someone and at the same time not respect them or that you desire your love, but you want to spy on them as well. Such actions only highlight your insecurities and your feelings of inferiorities. Don’t let those get to you, you are in no way shape or form less than anyone else out there. Be confident in what you two have and always remember if they do mess up it will be their loss, not yours. They will be the ones that will lose someone that had genuine feelings for them. And while you will find someone better than them, someone, that actually loves you; they will not.

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