It Happens Once Every 48 Million Births – Young Child Stunned Medical Professionals from All around the World

The birth story of Lucy Marie Perkins is truly extraordinary and defies all odds. It was an awe-inspiring event that left medical professionals from all around the world stunned and in disbelief.

In August 2016, Caitlin and Tom Perkins, of Dirranbandi, Queensland, welcomed their daughter, Lucy, on their 30th birthday on the 16th of that month. Yes, both parents and the daughter shared the same birth date – both Caitlin and Tom were born on August 16, 1986.

As per Dr. Brad Robinson, Caitlin’s obstetrician, the family’s shared birthday is an incredibly rare event, with one in 48 million odds. Lucy was not expected until a week later, but she surprised everyone by arriving earlier than anticipated.

The Daily Mail reported that Caitlin went into spontaneous labor, making the birth even more extraordinary.

“When my waters broke, I said, ‘No way,’ because I was in denial,” she said.

Lucy, weighing seven pounds, was born in good health at 39 weeks.

“HOLD THE PHONE! You are not going to believe this story!” Dr. Robinson wrote on Facebook.

“This is Caitlin, Tom, and their brand new daughter Lucy. So get this … both Caitlin and Tom turned 30 yesterday. Born within 50 minutes of each other on 16/08/86. Guess who else now has a birthday on 16 August? YEP. Lucy was born yesterday after SPONTANEOUS labour on the same day as her parents!”

The post continued, “The chances of that happening are 1 in 48 million! I feel kinda bad now because I’d been goading Caitlin for a week that I was somehow going to make this happen – so she now blames me for putting a hex on her! How incredible is it that the three of them now have the same birthday? And what a gorgeous family they make!”

The viral post received hundreds of comments from people congratulating the happy family.

“Yayayayay! So excited for you guys! She is gorgeous! You guys are one in 48 million,” one wrote.

“This is a little strange. My husband and I have the same birthday, and our daughter was born on the same day, oh it gets better our last name is Perkins. Congratulations!” a second said.

“My parents share the same birthday 28/05/57 and my husband and eldest son share the same birthday too. My 2 yr old was born the day after my birthday x,” someone wrote.

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