It May Be Time To End Your Relationship If These 12 Signs Show

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Goodbyes are never easy, but they’re necessary for the greater good.

Not allrelationships are going to work out. You are just going to have to come toterms with that fact. Not everyone is going to be privileged enough to get loveright every single time. Sometimes, things just don’t turn out the way that youwant them to and you can’t force the issue. The best thing you can do when youfind yourself in a crumbling relationship that has no hope is to just walk awayand move on. The earlier you actually choose to take a stand and just move onin life, the better off you are going to be. There is no point in prolongingthe inevitable. Just pull the plug and pick up the pieces as you go.

If yourrelationship is guilty of a lot of the items listed on here, then maybe youshouldn’t really be in a relationship anymore. Here are a few signs that youshould walk away from your relationship.

1. Your visions of the future don’t mesh well together.

How can youexpect to be in a long-term relationship with someone if you don’t sharesimilar visions for the future? You have to be able to have plans and dreamsthat coincide with one another. If not, then you are essentially pedaling yourway towards a dead end.

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2. There is a shortage of happiness in your relationship.

There is nopoint in pursuing a relationship that just doesn’t make you happy. Sure,relationships aren’t designed to be easy. But that doesn’t mean they’resupposed to make you miserable too. If you aren’t happy in a relationship, thenjust walk away.

3. Your relationship is plagued by insecurities.

You never knowwhat the future has in store for the both of you. You somehow doubt thestrength of your love and of your relationship. You think that even theslightest nudge will cause your relationship to crumble to ashes. You arealways on edge because you know how fragile your relationship is.

4. You find yourself at a loss for words when asked todescribe your partner or relationship.

You have nothinggood to say and so you choose to just not say anything at all. That’s whereyour relationship has led you. If you can’t find anything in your relationshipto be thankful for, then it’s definitely time for you to just call it quits.

5. You keep hoping that your relationship gets better eventhough it never does.

You have set deadlinesfor yourself. You keep telling yourself that if the relationship doesn’t getbetter by this date, then you would end things. And yet, here you are. You keepextending that deadline. You are only prolonging the inevitable demise of aflawed union.

6. Arguments are a regular occurrence.

Arguments aren’tnecessarily uncommon aspects of a relationship. They aren’t necessarily goingto be bad things either. What makes arguments in relationship terrible is onlyif they happen constantly. It’s like an unending sparring session with yourpartner and it’s really stressing you out. In fact, it’s doing more harm thangood at this point. – Continue reading on the next page

7. You find yourself in tears over your relationship all thetime.

You’re miserable and you know it. You cryyourself to sleep every night due to the emotional toll that this relationshiphas taken on your senses. You don’t know just how long you can keep this up.

8. The toxicity of your relationship is starting to affect theother parts of your life.

Your career isstarting to plateau and stagnate. Your health is deteriorating. Your bitternesshas somehow affected your social life as well. And it all starts with yourrelationship. The stress of your relationship is just too much for you to bearand it is creeping into the other aspects of your life.

9. You don’t like spending time with one another.

Companionship isn’t even something youcrave for anymore. You know that the more time you spend with one another, thelikelier it is for you to get into a heated argument.

10. One or both of you are flirting with other people.

There is nocommitment in the relationship anymore. You’ve both practically given up andyou have no sense of loyalty. You are starting to open yourself up to otherpeople as an escape from the sad reality that you’re living in at the presentstate.

11. There is a lack of trust in the relationship.

You just can’trely on each other to deliver. You don’t think you can count on each other. Youare unreliable partners who just don’t have each other’s backs. Instead ofacting like partners, you are practically separate individuals living lifealongside one another.

12. You lie to yourself about the state of your relationship.

You’re in denial because you don’t want toface the music. Your relationship is toxic and you must end it. You just don’twant to have to deal with the emotional backlash that comes with breaking up.That’s why you lie to yourself and you say that things aren’t as bad as theyseem.

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