It’s just a really different kind of situation whenever you decide to fall in love with a guy who is emotionally broken.

A damaged and emotionally unavailable man is someone who is just going to be prepared for pain. In fact, he’s going to be expecting it. He might virtually be incapable of falling in love with you as a result of that kind of mindset. These men are going to go great lengths just to avoid feeling the emotional pain that comes in relationships and love. However, they’re going to come to expect it. They have been so bent and broken in the past that they will come to expect it all the time going into the future. And unfortunately for them (and for you), it’s because of this kind of lifestyle that they will end up causing a lot of pain to themselves and to you in the process as well.

If you get into a relationship with an emotionally damaged individual who just happened to dump you and told you that he couldn’t bring himself to love anyone, what else can you do? What can you do to try and change his mind? What can you do to remedy the situation? What can you do to make him feel safer in love? Well, the short answer to this question is this: nothing.

There is absolutely nothing that you would be able to do. You shouldn’t be calling him or texting him every chance you get. You shouldn’t be trying to get into conversations with him. You do nothing. You stay passive. If you’re genuinely interested in fixing things, then you need to just give him the space that he’s asking for. You need to give him an opportunity to be on his own for a bit.

He’s going to go on and drift off into a land of solitude, loneliness, misery, and sadness. And you should let him. Maybe that’s what he needs. And in the meantime, you should focus on your own life. You should focus on pursuing your own happiness. You should be trying your best to build a life that you can genuinely be proud of. You should be working on feeling fulfilled and complete in your life.

When you fall in love with a man who is just emotionally unavailable, you can try your best to be all sweet and reassuring. You can try your best to make him feel comfortable. And it might even be fine at the start. But that isn’t going to last for too long. Eventually, he’s just going to let his self-loathing personality rise to the surface. And when that happens, he’s going to be virtually incapable of absorbing and love and affection that you might give him.

He is going to feel like he hasn’t really done enough to earn the love that you are giving him. And so he will act out. He will start to become really disrespectful and distrusting with you. He will try to create some space and establish some distance between the two of you because he is intimidated.

No matter what they try to do, he is going to feel like a really terrible person on the inside. He’s just going to think that he’s unworthy of love. He’s going to think that he’s not deserving of any girl’s love because of the many times that he has had his heart broken in the past. If you fall in love with someone who feels like they don’t deserve it, they’re just going to think that there is something that is inherently wrong with you.

A man who is emotionally damaged is going to hate himself for never being able to make things work in love. And you’re going to have to deal with that hatred too. That’s why it would be nice to give him some space if he ever asks for it. That’s why it’s smart for you to let him be on his own for a bit.

And if he asks you to come back, then decide if he’s worth it. If you do choose to be with him in spite of him being a damaged man, then you should know that you have an uphill climb ahead of you. It’s not going to be an easy mountain for you to summit. But you’re doing such a great and noble thing. You’re loving a man who makes it difficult for you to do so.

Just know that whenever you get tired, love is always going to be worth the fight. Love is always the one thing in this world that is actually worth fighting for. And you should never tire of fighting for it.

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