It’s Better To Let Go Than To Hold On To Something That’s Killing You

Love isn’t always going to be fair. Love isn’t always going to be kind. Love isn’t always going to feel so rewarding. And don’t trust anyone when they say that love is always going to be perfect. Because true love – the kind that exists in real life – is actually far from perfect. And it’s true when they say that love doesn’t discriminate – it just takes and takes. It doesn’t choose between the sinners and saints. We all love; and we rise and we fall in the process. We laugh, we cry, we break, and we make our mistakes. Love can hit those of us who are kind and those of us who are evil.

And even if you have the purest heart in the world, that doesn’t automatically mean that love is always going to be on your side. You have an incredible soul and a gentle heart. You are always looking out for those who are around you. You are always thinking of those who are closest to you. You choose to see the world in a very positive light. You don’t like to think ill of anyone. You don’t expect the worst of anything to take place. You always want to be optimistic – because you feel like there’s just too much negativity in the world as it is. You try to cling as much as possible to all the notions of good and sincerity.

And you do so even when it’s inconvenient; even when all the odds are stacked against you. But you have to know this one thing: that’s not always a good thing. Sometimes, it’s just better to let go. You can’t really keep going on like this. This is not a healthy way to live life. You might think that you are sticking to your principles, but you are slowly killing yourself in the process. You need to be honest with yourself and take a long hard look at the life that you have; take a long hard look at your relationship and see just how far it’s dragging you down.

Open your eyes and see all of the opportunities that you are being deprived of just because of this relationship of yours. And you shouldn’t take that to mean that you failed in this relationship or that you were a bad person and that’s why things didn’t work out. Sometimes, relationships have a time limit. And no matter who you are or how good of a person you might be, a relationship can still fail. And when it does; when a relationship is doing more harm than good, you need to be strong enough to let that go. You need to be smart enough to know what’s good for you; and sometimes,

that means having to detach yourself from something that you hold dear to your heart. No one is telling you that it’s going to be easy. And no one is going to guarantee that you’re going to feel okay the moment that you do decide to let go; but it’s still the right thing to do. Here’s the thing: what you believe in as love should always be a love without attachment. And your refusal to let go is no longer a sign of love; it’s a sign of attachment. It’s a sign of stubbornness. It’s a sign of hardheadedness. Remember that you don’t own love. You don’t have the right to claim a love. Love is free and it wanders.

And you don’t have the right to shackle it in chains; to bind and bend it at your own will. True love is one that comes without attachments; without strings, chains, or shackles. True love doesn’t come with handcuffs. True love is fluid. It can flow and it can move. And if you refuse to let it grow, then you are doing love a disservice; and you are in the wrong in that scenario. When love says that it’s time with you is done, you have to let it go. Because holding on to a love that isn’t meant for you is dangerous; it’s toxic; and it can kill you. You must always be willing to detach yourself from the toxic things in your life.

You must always be willing to detach yourself from the things that aren’t meant for you. You don’t want to deprive yourself of the love that you’re meant to receive by holding on to a love that shouldn’t have been yours to begin with. Love is never a guarantee; and you were never promised anything in the first place. So be humble enough to accept when love decides to let you go. Be gentle enough to give love a hug goodbye; and detach yourself from it. Let it go. Because you should never be holding on to something that is slowly killing you on the inside.

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