‘I’ve had a New Baby with my New Girlfriend Using my Ex-husband’s Sperm’

A woman who left her husband of eight years after having a ‘sexual awakening’ has now welcomed a new baby with her lesbian partner using his ex-husband’s sperm.

Linda Fruits, a 33-year-old mum from Sunrise, Florida, ended her almost decade-long marriage to Cristopher Haerting, 36, in August 2021 after realizing she didn’t want to be with a man anymore. The ex-couple has two children together.

According to Linda, she left Cristopher after a sexual awakening that made her realize she wanted to be in an intimate relationship with a woman instead of a man. So, after leaving her husband, Linda started dating Maddy Gross, 36, and soon the two decided to have a baby together.

Earlier this year, Fruits contacted her ex-husband, Haerting, and asked him if he wanted to father a new child and be the sperm donor. After some thinking, he agreed on the condition that his name would be on the baby’s birth certificate and he would play an active role in the baby’s life.

Linda and Maddy agreed and started preparing to become mommies together. Recently, the unique family has welcomed their new baby, which they have named Arlo.

Arlo was born last week, and he is completely healthy and doing fine.

“On our second date, Maddy told me how she’s always wanted to be a mom and how she was actively trying to find a donor,” The mum-of-three told NeedToKnow.online.

“We talked about how crazy it would be if Christopher was the donor and our kids could be related, and we asked him five months later.”

According to Linda, before her ‘sexual awakening,’ she and Cristopher struggled in their marital relationship as there was no intimacy left between them, and the relationship had become totally platonic.

“I couldn’t even bring myself to kiss him anymore, and I questioned if we needed to have an open marriage because I genuinely felt bad for him, he wasn’t getting the things he needed to feel loved,” she explained.

As for Cristopher, he said despite the lack of sex and intimacy in their relationship, he it really hurt him when Linda told him she was a lesbian and wanted to be with a woman.

“Being able to see them every day was more important than dividing our family, and honestly, [moving out would have made] things more complicated on ourselves,” he told the outlet.

“It was difficult from time to time, but we talk through our emotions all the time, and [that has] helped a lot. Most couples whose romantic relationship ends, they need to get away from each other to move on or [it becomes] toxic.”

However, Cristopher, Linda, and Maddy have found a solution to their problems and decided to live together under one roof.

“We found a way to move on while still co-parenting and living together, and it’s been great.”

Speaking to the outlet, Linda’s new partner, Maddy, said she moved in with Linda and her family after they dated for almost six months.

“After our first date, we were inseparable. We spent as much time as possible together,” Linda recalled. “Christopher was the first to offer to help pack up all her stuff and help get her place ready to rent out.”

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