Jake Gyllenhaal Says He’s Lucky to Have Had ‘Onscreen Sex’ With Costar Anne Hathaway

Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal admitted that he’s lucky to have had fake cinematic sex with his costar, Anne Hathaway.

The actors appeared together in two hit movies – Brokeback Mountain and Love & Other Drugs. Both films included intimate scenes featuring Jake and Anne.

The first film in which they played each other’s lovers was Ang Lee’s groundbreaking movie, Brokeback Mountain, released in 2005.

In the movie, Gyllenhaal portrayed rodeo cowboy Jack Twist, and Hathaway played the role of his wife, Lureen Newsome.

The second movie they were together in was Love & Other Drugs – a romantic comedy-drama film in which Jake played Jamie Randall, an endearing pharmaceutical salesperson. Meanwhile, Anne portrayed the role of a free-spirited artist named Maggie Murdock.

Love & Other Drugs received mixed reviews from the critics, but the film showed great ‘electric’ chemistry between the two lead actors on-screen, and hence the majority liked it.

In both films, Gyllenhaal and Hathaway had sex scenes which made their on-screen love even more intense and had many people questioning if the two were dating off-screen as well.

In a press conference for Love & Other Drugs, Jake, 42, discussed his on-screen bond with costar Anne and said he’s lucky to have had (fake) s*x with her.

“I recommend getting in bed with Anne Hathaway to any man,” he said.

 “I’m lucky. I have had brief cinematic s*x with her in Brokeback Mountain and again a number of times in Love and Other Drugs … There’s something about the way Annie and I both work that is inherently very musical. It’s all about rhythm. There’s a rhythm to writing, there’s a rhythm to sports and there’s a rhythm to s*x,” the Road House actor added.

The comment raised many eyebrows, but fans claimed Gyllenhaal made the remark out of his praise for the Interstellar actress.

Speaking about their on-screen intimacy during the press conference, Hathaway said,

“We’d been shooting for a few hours, the ice was broken and everything was fine, we were just back from lunch and I’d gone behind the set and was talking to someone,” she recalled.

“Then all of a sudden someone whispers ‘Annie you’re on!’ and I think because they were whispering I thought we were shooting, so I ran in and dropped [my coat] and I’m just standing there and I see Jake kind of freeze and go ‘huh?’ and I realise the camera is in a different place and we’re still rehearsing and that I got naked unnecessarily in front of everyone!” she continued.

“So then I pulled my trench coat on very quickly and it was obviously a case of life imitating art!”

Despite becoming fans’ favorite on-screen couple, Jake and Anne never dated in real life.

Back in 2010, when they were working together in movies, Gyllenhaal was dating Taylor Swift. Meanwhile, Hathaway was romantically involved with actor Adam Shulman.

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