Jamie Lee Curtis Will Use They/Them Pronouns for her Oscar Statue

The 64-year-old actress will use They/Them pronouns for her trophy in honor of her transgender daughter, Ruby.

Following her big win on Sunday, March 13th, at the 95th Academy Awards ceremony, where she won an award for Best Supporting Actress for her film, Everything Everywhere All at Once, Jamie spoke on the Today Show and said she sobbed after watching her acceptance speech.

“I hadn’t watched that,” said Jamie being all teary-eyed. “So, that was the first time I’ve seen it,” she told Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb.

The Halloween star, who virtually appeared on the show from Los Angeles, held her Oscar trophy in her hand for the camera to capture a glimpse of it and said,

“Here they are! In support of my daughter Ruby, I’m having them be a they/them. I’m just going to call them ‘them’, they/them. And they are doing great. They are settling in.”

Adding that she is still in disbelief that she has won as Oscar, Curtis said,

“I never thought in a million years that I would have this couple of days and I’m very moved by the whole thing.”

The True Lies star shares her daughter, Ruby, with Christopher Guest, first revealed in 2021 that her daughter was trans.

She told AARP magazine that she and her husband “watched in wonder and prouder as their son became their daughter, Ruby.”

The actress also discussed degendering Oscar categories during her interview with backstage reporters on Sunday.

“Obviously, I would like to see a lot more women be nominated so that there’s gender parity in all the areas and all the branches, and I think we’re getting there.”

She added, “We’re not anywhere near there. And of course, the inclusivity then that involves the bigger question, which is, how do you include everyone when there are binary choices, which is very difficult.”

“As the mother of a trans daughter, I completely understand that.”

However, Curtis noted that the initiative might affect women being nominated in the acting categories as voters would most likely be more inclined towards men.

“And yet, to de-gender the category, also, I’m concerned [that] will diminish the opportunities for more women, which is something I also have been working hard to try to promote,” she said. “So it’s a complicated question, but I think the most important thing is inclusivity and more women.”

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