Japanese Woman gives baby away after finding out her sperm donor lied about his nationality

This story comes from Tokyo, Japan – where a woman in her thirties gave away her baby after discovering that her sperm donor had lied about his education, marital background, and nationality.

The woman is from Tokyo. She and her husband were looking for sperm donors together. After having their first child, they didn’t want to try again because her husband had a hereditary disease. So the couple resorted to social media forums to look for a donor – since fertility clinics in Japan are scarce.

The couple found a suitable candidate in 2019 – a man who “said” he’s Japanese and graduated from Kyoto University. After sleeping with him about ten times, she finally got pregnant in June 2019.

But after a few months into the pregnancy, the couple faced a shocking revelation – the sperm donor had lied about everything. He wasn’t a Japanese national; he was a Chinese national. He wasn’t single; he was married. And he didn’t graduate from Kyoto University.

After birth, the couple gave the baby away to a Tokyo child care facility and filed a lawsuit of around $2 million against the sperm donor for the trauma he had caused and for his lies – being a fraud.

According to the woman’s lawyer, she had suffered a lot of psychological trauma and sleep disorders because of this entire ordeal. The lawyer also spoke about the conditions of fertility clinics and sperm donations in Japan:

“In Japan, there is no public system or legal system for sperm donation,”

Mizuho Sasaki, a child welfare worker in Japan, spoke about this incident while speaking to VICE; she said:

“It’s unacceptable to treat the child like an object,”

“I think it’s better to leave the kid with someone who can be a good foster parent.”

Since there is a massive lack of fertility clinics and sperm banks in Japan, most people have to resort to social media forums and shady places to find suitable candidates for their families.

While it’s disheartening to see this baby being given away to a child care home, it’s equally disturbing for the expecting parents to face such lies and deception that would completely squash all of their dreams.


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  1. the mother should keep the baby because its considered a gift from God..leaving your child is the biggest mistakes and specially karma is a bitch..maybr your child will abandon you when you become an adult..

  2. Yeah, it’s sucks to have been deceived. That’s horrible! BUT, to seriously be able to give up your child because it’s not the right race is F**ked up!! I’m sorry…

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