Jay Leno Suffers Serious Third-Degree Burns After His Car Caught Fire

One of America’s favorite late-night show host and car collectors, Jay Leno, has suffered massive third degree burns today. He was instantly rushed to the Grossman Burn Centre where his third-degree burns are being treated.

The New York Post reports that Jay Leno was fixing up his 115 year old 1907 White Steam Car. The retro car apparently had a faulty fuel line and Leno is used to doing these things since he has been a major car collector. But this fixing backfired on him as the car sprayed gasoline on his face and caught fire.

Jay Leno was rushed to the Grossman Burn Centre where his injuries are currently being treated. He is going to be staying at the hospital for the next 10 days, according to reports.

He is also going to get skin grafts as part of his treatment. According to PEOPLE Magazine, Mr. Leno was supposed to attend an event in Las Vegas which is now postponed due to his injuries. His next two weeks have been canceled and freed due to his treatment and post-treatment healing procedures.

The outlet said:

“His family was not able to provide us very many details, but there was a very serious medical emergency that is preventing Jay from traveling. All we know is that he is alive, so our prayers go out to him and his family tonight.”

We wish Mr. Leno a speedy recovery!

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Sources: PEOPLE

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