Jeff Bridges & Susan Geston, 43 Years of Marriage & True Love

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Jeff Bridges is one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors. His genre-defining superhit movie “The Big Lebowski,” which was released decades ago, is still loved by millions today for being so different.

He brings his own flare & depth to all of his characters – making him incredible at his work. When it comes to his love-life, he has been with one woman who’s the love of his life – Susan Geston.

A Marriage Spanning Decades & Still Going Strong

Jeff Bridges saw Susan Geston back in 1975 during the filming of Rancho Deluxe, and he instantly fell in love with her – love at first sight. Susan had recently been in a car accident, giving her two black eyes and a broken nose – Jeff Bridges kept falling deeper in love with her.

In his own words, he speaks about Susan:

“I saw this girl. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Not only was she gorgeous, but she had two black eyes and a recently broken nose (from a car accident, I later learned). Something about her beauty and disfigurement kept me riveted.”

Mr. Jeff, being completely infatuated with Susan, mustered up the strength to ask her out – but he was instantly rejected. According to him:

“I got up the courage to ask her, ‘Would you like to go out with me?’ She said no. I asked her again, and she said, ‘No — it’s a small town; maybe we’ll run into each other later.'”

As it appears, Susan was right. Sometime later, they met each other in town and danced with each other – that’s when Jeff Bridges knew she was the one for him, forever.

The next day of the two dancing, Jeff Bridges met with a real estate agent to show him a property. He called Susan along, and that was their first actual date. He talks about that day:

“The next day, I had a meeting scheduled with a local real estate agent who was going to show me some property, and I invited Sue to come along. That was our official first date. We went to look at a ranch house on the river. As we were walking around, there was a voice in my head: You are now looking at a house with your future wife. And I thought, Oh, no, let me outta here.”

As Jeff Bridges was fighting his anxious thoughts, he was also comforting himself because of the pure love his heart had for Susan. He continues:

“I felt cornered, not by Sue but by myself. I couldn’t bear to let the love of my life slip through my fingers, but at the same time I was afraid of declaring, ‘This is the one!’ I was crazy in love.”

And as fate would have it, the couple got married in 1977. His love for his wife is true and pure; he learns from her every day. When he’s rethinking or contemplating doing a movie, his wife always knows the right things to say. He continues:

“I’ve learned so much from Sue. She points out ways that I defeat myself, and I do the same for her. For instance, I’m often frightened of getting involved in new projects.”

“And Sue will remind me, ‘Hey, you always get like this when you’re asked to do something new.’ And I’ll say, ‘You’re right; that’s just what I do.'”

Jeff Bridges still continues to learn from his wife, after an immense 43 years of marriage – that’s the true way of every happy marriage, to learn from one another every single day. He shares some true words of wisdom we think every marriage should live by:

“It’s a simple thing. She shows me another way of looking at something. We’ve been doing this so long, and we care for each other so much, that our relationship is the most precious thing for both of us.”

Nothing is more remarkable than seeing “The Dude” talk about his genuine emotions for his wife and the kind of support system they are for one another. We love Jeff Bridges, and his words will forever remain in our hearts and continue to teach us how happy and healthy marriages work.

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Book – “The Dude and the Zen Master” by Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman

Images via Jeff Bridges on Instagram

Featured Images via timelessanctuary & dononeilldesign on Instagram

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