Jennifer Garner Surprised an Elementary Teacher with 10 Boxes of Books & a Personal Note

Jennifer Garner is an American actress, entrepreneur, and advocate who first rose to fame with her movie Pearl Harbour in 2001. It is also the same movie set where she first met her ex-husband Ben Affleck.

Garner’s notable projects include Alias, Daredevil, The Adam Project, Elektra, Yes Day, Miracles from Heaven, 13 going on 30, and Catch and Release.

Last month the former love interest of Ben Affleck surprised a first-grade school teacher by sending her ten boxes of books.

On August 14, 2022, Erin Fuller-Wellman, a Lower Primary teacher from Garner’s home state, West Virginia, took to her Facebook and revealed that she was shocked when she got to know that the Pearl Harbour actress had sent her a heartwarming surprise gift.

“The CRAZIEST thing just happened to me,” wrote Fuller-Wellman, “I go outside to see literally 10 boxes laying on my porch. I opened the first box, and it was full of books. I think, “I wonder who sent these?” At the bottom, there’s a note, “Here is to your best year yet! Thank you for choosing to teach; you have the most important job in the world from @jennifer.garner.” My jaw literally dropped. Every box after was from her.”

The teacher said she posted her Amazon wish list on Erin Foster’s website. Erin Foster is an American writer, performer, and entrepreneur who ‘shared an Instagram story linking to teachers’ Amazon wish lists for people to gift them school supplies for the upcoming school year.’ Per Newsweek.

“There were hundreds of other teachers’ wishlists, so I knew it was a shot in the dark, but I put mine on there anyway, and I can only assume Jennifer Garner saw my list there,” she said.

“We already knew she was our WV angel, but WOW. She is truly one of a kind & I’m so proud to say I’m from the same state as her! I am in awe and feeling just so grateful. Thank you SO much. I truly can’t believe this. My first graders are going to have the absolute best year with the help of you two, and I will make sure they know you all made it happen! Ah!!!”

Wellman also attached a few pictures of the books that Garner sent her along with a letter that read,

“Here is to your best year yet! Thank you for choosing to teach. You have the most important job in the world, From Jennifer Garner.”

She also received an Instagram comment from Garner that said,

“I’m so grateful to you for reaching the awesome kids in WV. Have a great school year!!”

Speaking to Newsweek, Erin-Fuller said,

“My initial thought when seeing the boxes was, ‘Who on Earth sent me this many items?’ I’ve had my Amazon wishlist posted on my Facebook most of the summer, but we just sent out our class letters, so I thought maybe some parents had decided to purchase some items. When I saw the first note saying it was from her, my jaw dropped, and I thought I imagined it.”

“After the second box, I remembered I had posted my list on Erin Foster’s ‘clear the lists.’ She continued. “I also remembered seeing I was the only person from West Virginia who had posted mine, so that might be what stick out to Jennifer Garner since she’s from West Virginia.”

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