Jennifer Lopez is Still Slaying at 52-Years-Old

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Jennifer Lopez’s love of makeup probably caught your eye on social media. She shares what she’s wearing as well as her stunning makeup in most of her photos. The singer has no problem showing herself in a natural state, however. Despite her youthful skin, she should be proud of it.

Lopez’s skin has remained perfect without artificial intervention. “I haven’t ever had Botox to this day. I’m not that person,” said J.Lo.

“I don’t have anything against people doing that; it’s just not my thing.” She said she is looking for a more natural way to treat her skin.

Despite her advancing age, Jennifer Lopez’s skin looks flawless, glowing, and fresh. In addition, she is happy to share the everyday skincare regime that helps her maintain her skin’s health. In addition to sharing her regimen, Lopez recently released a line of skincare cosmetics, JLO Beauty.

4 steps to perfect skin:

  • In the first step, J.Lo cleanses her face thoroughly.
  • Next, she applies serum. During her interview, she shared that she uses serum twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. “Vitamins for the face,” she calls it. “I like to think of it as taking my vitamins first thing in the morning,” she shared. Next, Lopez lets the serum “soak in” for a few minutes before moving on to the next step.
  • Following that is sunscreen. A singer’s routine would not be complete without this step. The biggest secret she had ever kept for her beauty was sunscreen.
  • Under her eyes and between her eyebrows, she applies eye cream.

Few people in their prime years will look as good as 52-year-old Jennifer Lopez. The pop superstar and actress was recently spotted going make-up free on a random shopping day at a Sephora store in Beverly Hills.

Many people who live in Hollywood will always try their best to showcase their most lavish outfits whenever they go shopping. But with queens like J-Lo around town, it can be challenging to capture the attention and spotlight.

In the video that she shared on her Instagram account with more than 201 million followers, J-Lo shows herself getting ready to pay a visit to a Sephora store that carries the singer’s beauty line J-Lo Beauty. She wrote in the caption:

“Sneak a peek behind the scenes when I popped into the @Sephora Beverly Hills store this morning!!”

As the Selena actress is getting ready for her store visit, she is sporting a white robe and a gold necklace as an accessory while still being absolutely radiant with her hair tied up in a tight bun.

A Show of Appreciation

The video then transitions to a shot of J-Lo already fully dressed while riding in her car as she’s on her way to the Sephora store. She said in the video:

“We’re going to get there before the store opens so I can really talk to everybody who’s working there and grinding every day for J-Lo Beauty,”

“Sephora has been an amazing partner to us… It’s going to be a fun morning.”

Even as she’s just getting ready for her day out, fans were already quick to point out just how beautiful and naturally radiant Lopez is. But once her entire get-up was put together, J-Lo just elevated her look to another level. During her visit to the Sephora store, she still sported her hair in a tight high bun.

She also donned a pair of oversized pink sunglasses with a tweed teal Gucci jacket and a matching skirt over a pink top with a ruffled collar. Lopez rocked a pair of chunky white pumps with stiletto heels to complete her ensemble.

J-Lo said to a group of cheering Sephora staff who were clearly delighted at her visit:

“I just want to say thank you for being out here in the frontline,”

Thriving Businesswoman

Aside from her career as an entertainer, J-Lo’s beauty line has been taking off. The singer launched the J-Lo Beauty brand back at the start of 2021, and the company has been experiencing rapid success ever since.

And considering that J-Lo’s timeless beauty is proof of the effectiveness of her products, it shouldn’t come as anyone’s surprise that the company is doing very well.

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  1. I would love to know where her sunglasses were purchased as far as the name brand. Love the entire outfit. I would love a pair of of those sunglasses.

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