Jeremy Renner, 52, Spotted Enjoying Scooter Ride with Daughter, Ava, 10, Three Months After Horrific Snowplow Accident

Jeremy takes the wheel!

Three months after suffering a terrible snowplow accident, the Marvel actor has been spotted enjoying a scooter ride with his ten-year-daughter, Ava, outside their home in Los Angeles.

As reported by the Daily Mail, “Jeremy Renner has been spotted with his daughter outside their sprawling LA mansion – with the star appearing surprisingly spry on a motorized scooter.”

“The sighting comes days after the actor and only child Ava, 10, were seen during a family outing to Six Flags in nearby Valencia – which, itself came hours after the airing of a bombshell interview featuring the 52-year-old and Diane Sawyer.”

During his outing with his daughter, Ava, 10, whom he shares with his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, Renner looked ‘more recreational than necessary’ as Daily Mail wrote, and he even posed a smile for the paparazzi.

“Despite the festive occasion, the father and daughter appeared somewhat dressed-down, with Renner donning a T-shirt and pair of cut-off denim shorts, and Ava still in pajamas and slippers.”

“The youngster appeared less than thrilled by the media attention she and her famous father were receiving, while Renner looked noticeably happy, despite being three month’s removed from his highly publicized accident.” 

The Hawkeye star was run over by an extremely large snowplow weighing a little more than seven tons.

The 52-year-old Oscar nominee suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries while plowing snow near his home in Lake Tahoe on January 1.

He was hospitalized in Nevada, where he was taken after getting critically injured.

“We can confirm that Jeremy has suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries and has undergone surgery today, January 2nd 2023. He has returned from surgery and remains in the intensive care unit in critical but stable condition,” Renner’s representative told Deadline.

According to Daily Mail, a 911 emergency call was made after Renner was run over by a 14330-pound heavy snow removal equipment, and it was reported that his right chest collapsed and his upper torso was badly crushed.

“The emergency log, obtained by TMZ, included notes from the accident that said Renner could be heard moaning in the background of the call and was experiencing heavy bleeding from his head and other injuries.

“The injuries to his chest and torso were reportedly making it difficult for the Marvel star to breathe before he was airlifted to a nearby hospital from the scene of the accident at about 10 am on Sunday morning near his home in the Reno area.

Almost two weeks after the accident, one of Renner’s friends claimed that he lost a lot of blood and nearly died while the help arrived at the site of the incident.

“It’s much worse than anyone knows. Jeremy is very aware of the fact that he almost died out there,” the insider revealed to RadarOnline.

“The right side of Jeremy’s chest was crushed, and his upper torso had collapsed. He also had a bad head wound that was bleeding and a leg injury.”

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