Jessica Alves Channels Jennifer Lopez’s Iconic Versace Look

‘Human Barbie’ Jessica Alves flaunted her $1 million body by putting on a ‘bold’ display as she channeled her inner Jennifer Lopez in Ibiza.

The 39-year-old Brazilian-British TV personality who recently got her third boob job boasted her new body in a plunging green fit, which is supposed to be a replica of JLo’s infamous Versace dress she wore to the Grammys in 2000.

According to Daily Mail, “With the flowing leaf-print fabric just about covering her ample assets, Jessica accessorized with gold shoes for her lunch date in the Spanish sunshine.”

Alves, who is also an OnlyFans model, recently revealed that she has made over £2 million from the adult content platform.

Speaking to Daily Mail in an interview Jessica disclosed that she has got 2220cc implants and underwent 100 surgical procedures to achieve her body goal, and she is thrilled with her look new look.

“I love being a woman and I take pride in it. Growing up, in my mind I had long hair and a voluptuous body shape and today I am the woman of my dreams. And that is such a great feeling to be happy with my looks,” she said.

“It has been a long journey to be who I am today. With more than 100 operations and over £1million spent, I see that as an investment in my happiness and in my future – at least I will age as a happy woman.”

The model added that she is aware of the fact that she doesn’t fit into the ‘classic’ beauty standards anymore, but it was her choice, and she has no regrets. Moreover, Jessica believes people need to respect her decisions rather than resorting to criticism.

“I understand that I don’t fit into the normal or classic beauty standards, and it was my personal choice, and people should just respect it and let it go. It is my life and it makes me happy to be who I am,” she told Daily Mail.

“I have just had a 3rd boob job in Brussels at BeClinic by doctor Frank Plovier. He removed my old 1500cc and replaced them with 2220cc implants and I couldn’t be any happier. I hardly have any pain and the results are fantastic.”

She further added that lately, she has been receiving many negative comments from her fans, and some even tried to ‘bully’ her on social media. However, she doesn’t let the negativity get to her head as she has finally become the woman she always wanted to be.

“We live in a free society when we are free to be who and how we want to be,” she said. “Sometimes I get funny looks from people, especially from women and on my Instagram often I get terrible comments from bullies. Also females tend to block and delete then but they keep coming back.”

“It doesn’t affect me whatsoever what those bullies have to say – I am a glamorous voluptuous woman and I love to be who I am!”

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Source: Daily Mail

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